Parks and sun

We woke pretty early today and decided that we’d head for a walk into town and to Kings Park. We walked to swan lake and then along the esplanade, we definitely ended up taking the long route because we walked around half the park before we could even find a way in. The park is set on a hillside looking out over Perth and Swan lake which did unfortunately mean more stairs. These Aussie’s are crazy! You see them just running up and down stairs for half the day, we felt exhausted after going up once! (Joe did later say that he was going to use the free gym that the hostel has access to, until he found out it was a 10 minute walk away, willpower?!!) When we made it to the top the view was pretty amazing, of Swan lake anyway, I wouldn’t say the city view of Perth is very exciting. (it looks a bit like London in the fact that it has a lot of cranes and construction going on, plus Perth’s answer to the London eye) We took a stroll through the park and found a place to sit and soak up the afternoon sun for a while by the war memorial. There were lots of workmen there setting up big projector screens all around the park…Saturday is ANZAK day which is a memorial for the Aussie and Kiwi soldiers who died in world war one.

When the sun started to set we headed back towards the city centre and managed to find a quicker way out of the park down Jacob’s ladder (220 or so steps also packed with joggers) Thank god we were heading down them rather than up J. At the bottom we saw a liquor drive-thru, crazy idea really! In Perth city centre they have free buses called CAT’s that pretty much cover the whole of central Perth, there was a bus stop at the bottom so we jumped on and headed back to our hostel.

We had an exciting evening of washing planned but managed to squash a couple of glasses of wine into the half hour in between washing and drying. This set us up on a drink fuelled/washing/partying evening which was great till the next morning! We met quite a lot of interesting people; an older aussie, Bob who decided that he should go backpacking at the age of 65 and see a bit of his own country, a young aussie Tom who actually lived only a couple of hours away but just stayed at backpackers to soak up the atmosphere and some other travellers from Italy, Ireland and Northampton. We got plenty of good tips from them of where to go and things to do for cheap.

The next morning Joe woke with no hangover at all, Emma still felt slightly drunk L and pleaded with Joe to let her sleep for just another hour…When she did finally awake it was too late to really head anywhere further away (like Freemantle or Rottnest island) so we headed back to Kings Park again, taking Jacobs ladder both ways this time (there were still a load of crazy joggers going up and down the steps like yo-yo’s) and chilled here for pretty much the whole day. We were hoping that we would be able to top up on the slight tan that we had picked up while in Malaysia but the sky was overcast for most of the afternoon. We still slapped on some sun cream just in case. Joe had a sleep and Emma read some more of her book.
When we got back we made chicken fajitas for dinner and judging by glances from other backpackers they seemed envious! It was lovely and Joe has 3 left for breakfast J. (not anymore I snuck one as a late night snack 😉 ) As Emma has taken a no drinking vow (for at least tonight anyway) we were bored…bored…bored. Joe had finished his book and Emma felt bad about reading hers so we were both lost, even the film room had some foreign film on with no subtitles. Emma did give her cousin Katherine a text though so we are hoping to meet up with her in the next couple of days.

Just for all of our readers, we’re settling into the laid-back Aussie way of life now so expect the blog to be slightly less exciting and a little less frequent (because we now have to pay for our internet).

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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