Today is Anzac day so we thought that most of the shops and things to do in Perth would be closed so we decided to jump on the train to take a look in Fremantle. This is a town just outside of Perth and the train took around 20 minutes to get there from Perth central station.
When we got to Fremantle we took a wander into the high street and saw a crowd gathered around a street performer. He was doing a Houdini type routine just outside a pub called The Ships Anchor. This was full of sailors obviously on leave for Anzac day and two had been pulled up by the entertainer to tie him up with chains and padlock him. This obviously opened them up to quite a lot of jokes some of which we thought maybe shouldn’t have been said on a public street but they seemed to go down well with the crowd. After we had watched the performer escape we took a walk towards a local market. On the way we passed the local stadium where a Aussie rule football game was on, we thought about taking a look but the ground seemed quite full (plus we didn’t know the rules and wouldn’t have a clue what was going on). The market was like a cross between a farmers market and a psychic new age fair with people selling fresh fruit, meats and others wind chimes, crystals and palm reading. We had a look around but didn’t buy anything.
When we came out of the market we took a wander back to the bar where we had seen the street performer to grab a drink. There were more performers this time doing fire juggling. We headed into the bar and picked up some VB beers, they were showing an Aussie rule football game and we took a seat at a table in view of the game (we are still none the wiser as to the rules). Luckily the team that everyone in the bar was supporting won although it was a close game.
Once we had finished a couple of beers Joe said that he wanted to check out Hungry Jack’s as he had heard from Emma’s uncle Karl that they were good burgers. Emma did tell him that he should try the ‘aussie’ burger but he got a triple cheese burger and said that it tasted a lot like burger king and commented on the fact that even the logo looked quite similar but that it was very nice.
We hopped back on the train to go back to the hostel to cook dinner, on the way up to the kitchen we decided to grab another drink from the YHA bar. Here we bumped into a two girls that we had spoken to the previous night who said that they were going to be going out for the evening for some drinks and invited us along. Sure, we thought as we haven’t really been out for the evening as of yet. We all arranged to meet up after we had had dinner back in the bar. We headed upstairs and made some tuna pasta salad and got ready to go out for the evening. We met up with the others in the YHA bar and headed out into Northbridge which is the city’s bar district. We went to an Irish pub called Rosie O’grady’s and they had a live band playing. It was really good and the atmosphere was very friendly. After watching the band one of the girls we were with knew that there was a football game on, Man Unt v Tottenham and as she was a Man U supporter we snuck our way upstairs (Joe had to bite his lip and say that he was a Man U fan) and into a back room up there where they were playing the game. By the time the game was finished the pub was closed and so we pretty much had a lock in. After this we headed back to the YHA, the girls had told us they were going King’s park the next day and invited us along. The next day we went into Woolworths to stock up on a few bits and then walked down to King’s park. We sat here for the day out in the sun reading and chatting. When we got back in the evening we were so tired that we ended up going to bed really early and waking up at about 10 to make dinner! We only had bacon sandwiches and then headed back to bed as we wanted to catch the early ferry to Rottnest Island the next day.

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