Oi Oi!!

This evening we are meeting up with Kath and going out for dinner with her, Jen and Jens two children, Madellin and Tahlia. We have kindly been invited to stay at Kath’s house from this evening so we had to pack up all of our things. Joe went out and got a bigger rucksack the same size as Emma’s (now Emma is thinking that she can buy some high heels!) as his old one came out of Perth airport with a broken strap.
While we were out in town looking for the bag we noticed a good deal on a 4×4 and took down the information to look at later. We had looked into getting the coach up to Broom but this was almost half way to getting a car and thought that this would be a better idea as if we had major problems finding somewhere to stay we would at least be able to sleep in the back J
We packed up our things and waited outside for Kath to come and pick us up. Emma was worried that as it had been a while since she last met her that she may not remember what Emma looked like but just as she said that a car honked its horn and a loud ‘OI!’ was heard with frantic waving coming from the driver. Kath was over the over the other side of the road and so she shouted that she would go and turn round. Whilst we were waiting (for which felt like ages) Emma did say that Kath had taken one look at us and driven off J She did come back though.
Kath pulled into the YHA drive and we bundled our bags into the back. We headed over to Jen’s house to meet up with them. They have just moved into a new house (and apologised for the box’s) the house was really nice with a mezzanine floor and an open plan living room/kitchen diner.
Jen introduced us to her two children Madellin and Tahlia. They were both adorable and very happy to have guests, they had even drawn us a picture of all the animals that we need to look out for and be careful of while in Australia.
We headed out for dinner for the evening to a local restaurant and on the way Joe discussed spiders with Madellin and the ones to look out for plus other animals to be careful of. We were seated at the table and all ordered our meals, it was slightly disappointing that the kids food came out and was finished before the rest of us had been brought our food. Maddellin was extremely excited by the fact that her and Emma were related which was very sweet. But when the food did come it was very nice. Joe had Kangaroo on a bed of sweet potato and Emma had Snapper bother were delicious. Joe as usual had a desert (he said because the kids were J) it was an apple tart and this was also very nice and he did let Emma have a bite. We finished our wine and headed back home, When we got home Kath drew us a very detailed map of the local area (it even had traffic lights and everything) so that if we wanted to head out in the day we wouldn’t get lost. She gave us a key and told us that we were welcome to use her running machine ( 😆 not likely). We then all headed off to bed for the evening.

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