Our lunch with Jen

Today we woke early and tried to sort out the car that we were looking at the other day. The problem we had was that the car was registered in Queensland and we were on the other side of Australia, for us to change over the registration we would need to be there in person and this was not really possible. We decided that we would have to forget about this car and take a look for some others.
At around eleven Jen knocked on the door as she was at university in the morning and it was only round the corner so she thought she would drop by to see if we wanted to go for lunch. We thought this would be a good idea so jumped into her car and headed down to Perth esplanade.
We went to a restaurant that was set out on the sea where you could see the water under the wooden slats. (it made us think of the floating restaurant in Taman Negara but with better food)
We sat here eating our food looking out on the river and talking about the bell tower that was next door to the restaurant. It has the bells of St Martins in the field inside it, these were given to the Perth government in 1988 and its shape is meant to represent a ships sails.
After lunch we headed into town to help Jen with some shopping, she needed some towels and ended up buying about 18 so it was quite lucky we were there to help carry them with her to the car.
Jen dropped us back to Kath’s house and we went back and tidied up a bit for her. We thought that it would be nice if when she got back home that dinner was ready (we knew that she has had a long week) so we headed out to the shop armed with Kath’s map. As we started walking we realised the map was definitely not to scale! We walked for around 30 mins before we got to the shopping centre. We went into ‘Coles’ (another supermarket out here) and picked up some pasta, tuna and salad. When we got out of the shopping centre it was already dark so we started the trek back to Kath’s to cook. When Kath got home the dinner was almost ready so we sat down armed with two bottles of wine to eat. Emma thought that she’d made way too much (again) but Kath managed to almost polish it off. After dinner we all sat down to watch CSI and then Kath went to bed.

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