Meeting the family

Today we are heading down south a little bit to meet Emma’s cousins Brendan, Donna and Kevin and their kids. Kevin is throwing a barbie for us, well for us and the fact that there’s a big Aussie Rules Football game on. We arrived first and Donna came not long after. Donna has 3 kids, Mathew, Ethan and Caleb. After being introduced to us the two little ones, Ethan and Caleb went off to play a game of football (not English footie) and the rest of us all sat down to watch the game. Everyone in the room was supporting West Coast Eagle’s except one of Kev’s friends who was supporting Freemantle. We decided that we’d be cheering on the Eagles, safety in numbers and all that! In the first half the Eagles were slaughtering Freemantle but in the second half everything changed, Freemantle made a massive comeback and went on to scrape a win.
After the game Brendan and his wife Christine turned up with their four little boys. They had Zane, Ashton, Tate and Kian with Kian being only a year old. Brendan also bought along with him a bottle of absinthe (Emma made a mental note to steer clear of that!). We’d already been drinking since about 1 in the afternoon and it was now around 4 so we’d had a few hours to get the drinks in already. From there on the party heated up! Kevin stuck all the meat on the barbecue and it was lovely, Joe even had thirds J After a few more drinks Kath, Donna and Emma headed into next dors garage where the music was playing to have a bit of a drunken dance. Everyone was pretty drunk at this point and the story gets even more hazy after Brendan shoves a shot of absinthe under Emma’s nose. She didn’t really want to drink it but everyone else had one and she didn’t want to be a party pooper so she knocked it back. Kath ended up having about 5!
Kevin explained all about the drop bear that lives in his tree, we were glad we’d already been told about this and said to Kevin that we knew he was talking a load of rubbish and that he couldn’t catch us poms out on that one.
We also had a chat with Brendan and Kevin about a car. They both said that for our money we’re going to end up getting a rubbish 4×4. They said we should look for a station wagon instead because we’ll end up getting a more mechanically sound car and we can still put a mattress in the back.
At about midnight everyone had had enough and was ready for bed.

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