We got wheels!!!

Today we went to look at another car, a 98 Ford Falcon which seemed pretty good. It was a pretty straight route there (so no messing with maps!) and when we got there it looked like a nice area too. We had a look at the car and apart from some body damage on the back it was in good condition. We took it for a test drive and checked out the oil and tyres and decide we’d have it for $2900. We drove into the city to the bank in Kath’s car to get some money out (and Joe bought diabetic socks in Target 😆 ) and headed back to pick up the car. Joe drove it back home to Kath’s and we took it for a little spin. We finally had wheel’s and we were both really excited, we called the car Bentley (because that‘s where it started, in a suburb called Bentley).
When we got back Kath wanted to take us down the local Thai restaurant for dinner. The Thai restaurant had little booths with touch screens to order your meals from, you just punched in your order and it was brought over to the table. Joe and Kath got a dish each and shared a chicken noodles called Pad Thai as Kath wasn’t sure if she was going to like them and Emma had a green curry. Joe as per usual had to have a chocolate cake for desert but said that it wasn’t all that good.
When we got back home we stayed up watching this Australian TV series we’ve got into called Underbelly. It’s based on true event of a few gangs in Melbourne between 1995 and 2004 and is pretty good. We then headed to bed as we had a lot of jobs to do the next day.

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