Damn Bentley

We woke quite early today as we needed to go to the WA licensing centre in Perth to transfer the car over to Emma’s name. We headed into Perth but just as we were getting closer to the city the steering went in the car and it started making this really strange noise. We had to pull over. When we opened up the bonnet there was fluid leeking out all over the floor from the coolant tank 😡 . It was too hot to take the lid off but the tank was bubbling up with the pressure. We looked underneath where the leads come out of the tank towards the radiator. It was all leaking out the joint and on closer inspection it had no valve on it and was patched together with what looked like chewing gum! As it was too hot to do anything with we headed across the road to a café. Emma got a coffee and a cheese sandwich and Joe just bought a coke. When the lady bought the sandwich over she bought two. Joe was not in the mood for this and took it straight back up to the counter and said to the lady ’I didn’t order this…and I don’t want it’ I think she could tell by the tone of his voice it wasn’t worth arguing with and handed back his money :).
When we headed out to the car again it had cooled down quite a bit but we couldn’t take it anywhere. We asked a few passers by if they knew where there was a mechanics garage and they said it was just 200 metres up the road but that he thought they only did tyres. We took a wander up there and had a chat with the guy, he gave us a bucket of water and a rag so we could get the coolant cap off. He said if we got it to the garage he’d sort it for us. We got back to the car, took the cap off and started the engine and poured the water in. We then had a bit of a problem as we were on a one-way road and the road we needed to go down was back behind us. Emma took charge, she stood back behind the car arms waving and walking backwards whilst Joe backed the car up. If we wasn’t so annoyed it would have been quite funny to watch 😆 . We managed to get the car in the garage and the guy had a quick look. We could see that it needed new valves and a new fan belt straight away but wasn’t too sure what else it needed. The guy told us to come back for 5 and it would be sorted. Rather than wasting the day we decided to get on the train to the licensing centre. It was only a couple of stops and we found it straight away. We went in and gave the young boy behind the counter the transfer form and had to pay $60 to get the car registration and compulsory third party insurance into Emma’s name. After we’d done this we went to the hostels in town to have a look at their ‘for sale’ boards where people put things like camping gear up for sale. We didn’t find anything and it was coming up to 4 so we walked back to the garage. The car wasn’t quite ready when we got back so we found a patch of grass round the corner and sat there for a while. We even made up a song about how bent our car was…it went ‘Bentley the bent up car, drive you around but you won’t get far, got a mattress in the back and a jerry can, and now it’s being fixed by an Aussie man’. Yeah, I know, pretty sad but we had to do something to cheer us up a bit. We got back to the garage for 5 and the car was all done, the damage was $560 😥 but at least we had a working motor. We then drove back to Kath’s to get ready to got to Jen’s for dinner. Emma’s mum called and lifted her spirit’s before we headed off.
We arrived at Jen’s and Emma and Kath admired her new mirror that she had bought and hung in the hallway as you entered. Jen had put out some Italian style bread and dips for us to have before we ate dinner. Jen mentioned that she wanted a sideboard that was in her front room moved upstairs and we all said that we would help her move it. We tried to take this through the house but were unable to get it into the hallway as we were unable to angle it through the door. In the end we had to move it out into the back garden, through the garage and into the front of the house. This took a little bit of effort as the sideboard was heavier than we had first thought so we left it in the hallway and decided to move it up the stairs after dinner. Dinner was Chicken wrapped in bacon with broccoli and salad with fried tomatoes and mushrooms. We had brought a apple pie for dissert and some cookies and cream ice-cream and while the pie was in the oven Jen read Emma and Kath’s future with some tarot cards. Both of the readings were uncannily close to the mark and we discussed them while eating the pie and ice-cream.
After this we remembered that we had left the sideboard in the hallway and thought that it would be best if we moved it before getting too comfortable. Getting it to the hallway we found out was the easier part, we realised we’d have to lift it over the banister to get it up. Kath and Emma took the front end and Jen and Joe took the back. We heaved it up eventually and it looked great and fitted perfectly where jen wanted it.
We went back down stairs and chilled out on the sofas talking about weird dreams. We all thought it was still only around 10 but when we looked at the clock it was almost midnight and Kath had to work the next day so we went home.

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