Lets get smashed

This morning we got online early, we knew we needed to get RAC cover and also insurance for the car ASAP. Once we were insured and covered we left the house as we needed to get quite a few things ready for our road trip up north. The main thing we needed to get was a mattress for our car as we will be sleeping in the car quite a bit to keep costs down. When we went out to the car it wouldn’t start, Emma said she thought it was the immobiliser (as a light was flashing on the dashboard saying ‘smart lock‘), which meant there’d be no way to get the car started. We came back into the house as we thought that if we got a knew immobiliser fob for our keys we would be able to turn the immobiliser off and get the car started. We went online and found the nearest Ford dealership was just down the road. We went back out to Kath’s car but noticed that hers also said ‘smart lock’. Joe thought he’d try to start our car one more time and it started! We decided to get it straight to the nearest garage so it could be looked over. They told us it was the immobiliser and a new one would cost around $800. We told him we didn’t have that sort of money so he told us he would re-route the electronics of the car to bypass the immobiliser. We took a wander back to Kath’s to get her car so that we could still get on and do the jobs we needed to do. We bought the mattress and a gas stove as well as some bedding. By this time Joe was really annoyed with the car, when we were walking around K-mart Joe said he wanted to buy this big glass vase. When Emma asked him why his response was ‘to smash it!’, Emma said he could get something to smash but only if it was on special!.
We went back to Kath’s house and waited for the dreaded call about our car, we were getting quite worried about how much it would cost us today. It was around 4 o clock and when we phoned the garage the guy said he didn’t think we’d have the car back today. We were planning on driving to Emma’s cousin Kevin’s house tonight but that was no longer an option. This was when we decided we were going to have a liquid dinner so we drove down to the local bottle-o. We were only going to buy five bottles of wine but if you got a sixth you got 30% off so we ended up back at Kath’s with six bottles of rosé.
Just as we poured ourselves a glass the phone rang. It was the garage, they said the car was ready for collection so we jumped in Kath’s car and headed down there. Joe went into the garage whilst Emma waited in Kath’s car, watching in the rear view mirror for Joe’s facial expression as he left the shop.
We had to pay out another $160.
We drove back to Kath’s and began drinking our wine again. When Kath got home we were sitting outside Kath’s front door, glasses in one hand and cigarettes in the other. We told her what had happened and she gave us a hug. Kath came back out with a large glass in her hand too!
After a few hours of drinking Joe went online to find a local takeaway, he found a Dominoes that delivered to Kath’s so we phoned and ordered two large pizza’s, even though Kath was shouting to get three.
When the pizza’s arrived they were tiny, we’d probably call them small pizza’s back home! We got stuck in anyway and they were gone in a few minutes. We all just sat around chatting for the next few hours, we were quite drunk by around nine so staggered off to bed.

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