Donna’s Dinner

Today we were going to Kevin’s house so we woke up early and got a bag packed. Kev lives in a place called Safety Bay right on the beach about 40 minutes from Perth. We arrived at about midday and Kev was already settled watching an Aussie rules game. Joe settled in straight away and him and Kevin got started on the beers. When Joe moved onto his second beer Emma realised that she had obviously been voted ’designated driver’. We planned on going to see Donna and the kids after the game but it took Emma quite a while to rally the boys J. Emma had spoken to Donna on the phone and she had invited us over for dinner. When we got there Donna had a beef casserole on the slow cook and it smelt lovely. We went outside and Joe was itching to get on the trampoline with the kids and show us his moves. Ethan and Caleb loved it and didn’t want to let him off (even though he was almost dying, the most exercise he’d had in a while). He did manage to get off and him and Kevin continued on with the beers. Emma sat down with Ethan playing a new learning game he had, Emma was trying to drag her French from school back into her head.
Donna said that dinner was ready so we all sat down to eat. Donna had made mashed potato, broccoli and carrots to go with the beef. We all finished and were stuffed but it was so nice.
We sat around chatting for a while and Kevin managed to find another Aussie rules game on TV.
At around 8 we decided to head back to Kev’s. We thanked Donna for dinner and Kev told her to drop Ethan off at 8 in the morning. Emma drove Kev’s car back to his house and when we got home Kev realised how early it was and asked if Emma could drive him down the bottle-o. Emma and Kev left Joe in the house watching Aussie football whilst they went and got a crate of beer.
When we got back we sat around chatting for a while and Kev showed Emma pictures of his son Oliver. We continued getting through the beers whilst Emma showed Kev a few fighting moves and Kev and Emma argued over whether she should leave the toilet seat up or down :lol:.
We all ended up staying up till around 2am chatting and drinking beers and then realised that Ethan would be coming round at 8 so we had better get some sleep so that we would have enough energy to look round the Freeyo prison as we had planned to do tomorrow.

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