Making curtains

Today we woke up early and headed off to Westfeilds shopping centre. We wanted to get a Tom Tom, a tent and to have a look to see if we could get some material to make some curtains for the car. We first headed into JB Hi-Fi to look at the sat-nav systems that the had on offer, the man that served us said that the Tom Tom that we wanted was out of stock and that they only had the display model for sale but that he would knock off $10. We said that we would take it and he sent someone to get the box and all the other bits, when he had put it all in the box for us he ended up marking it up at $180 saving us in the end $19. We also popped into Woolworths and grabbed some food for us to have while we are on the road, we mainly got tins of food and pasta with sauce to add to them as we don‘t have a fridge.
We then headed to the Telstra shop to look into the wireless internet that they had on offer. The guy that served us was obviously trying to baffle us with figures but we worked out that it was going to cost us far to much money that we didn’t have and decided to leave it. Next door to the Telstra shop was target and we had a look in here for material to make the curtains with but they didn’t sell any.
We decided that we would head home and have a look for a material shop on the way back luckily there was a shop just round the corner from Kath’s and we picked up 3 meters of material the same colour as the car J Emma also grabbed some wire, hooks and scissors to make and hang them with.
We headed back home and Emma started work right away on the curtains. She had to try and remember how to thread a bobbing and the sewing machine before she got started. When she did she called Joe over to have a look at her stitching, she said that she hadn’t done it since school and that they would get better as she went along. This was true and by the end she was sewing like a master. By the time that Kath turned up Emma had made a whole side panel and back part of the car and was feeling quite happy with herself.
This evening we had invited Jen, Madellin and Tahlia over for dinner. Jen turned up with a bottle of champagne (that was opened almost instantly) and some presents from the kids to us. Emma was given a cup with a picture of a ladybird on it and Joe a cup with coffee written on it. The thought was there and they weren’t to know that Emma didn’t like ladybirds and Joe coffee 🙂 .
We thought it would be nice for the kids if we made fajitas as we thought they would like the idea of making them and getting messy. We may have slightly over done it with the spice and Madellin didn’t really seem to enjoy them as much as we would have liked but they certainly did get very messy while eating them. (see the pictures of Tahlia covered in guacamole and sour cream). After dinner Jen had to take the girls home as they had school the next day. The girls obviously didn’t want to leave and said goodbye to each of us about a thousand times but it was really sweet.
After they had left we sat and watched a war movie with Tom Cruise in it but none of us really got into it so we headed off to bed.

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