Tears and RAC….again

This morning Emma got up and carried on with the curtains and ended up using all of the material that she had left but still had another side panels worth to do so sent Joe out to pick up some more material to make this with. When he came back with the material and some other bits, an extension lead, some new sunglasses (that Emma said were pink lenses although Joe was insistent they were orange!) and Jenga and Uno to play when they were bored. He said that he had some bad news… that the car had broken down again!!
Emma went back to finish the curtains and Joe phoned the RAC. They said that they would send someone out within the hour to have a look. About 30 minutes later the guy phoned to say that he was outside so we went down. He had a look at the car and said that he thought that it was the fuel pump that was faulty, this wasn’t what we wanted to hear and when he saw that Emma was on the verge of tears he had another look to see if he could get it going. But to no avail, so he called for the tow truck to take Bentley to the garage. We phoned the garage to let them know that the car was going to be coming in and they said that they probably wouldn’t be able to look at it until tomorrow but that it would be ok to bring it in. We thought that they must know us by name by now. The tow truck turned up and Joe jumped in with the guy for the trip, Emma came down to see Bentley being hoisted onto the truck once again but this time she was armed with her camera, she said we‘d probably look back in a few years and laugh at this. When he got back we sat about and watched some TV feeling sorry for ourselves.
Kath turned up from work and couldn’t believe the new that the car was in the garage again, she felt like crying for us and said that she had a mind to go round and have words with the guy that sold it to us. This made us laugh a bit thinking of Kath turning up on the guys doorstep and yelling at him. She though that our spirits needed lifting so took us to the drive through hungry jacks and then a bottle-o. We then headed back home armed with bottles of wine and food. We sat around and ate the hungry jacks burgers and cokes with added vodka and drowned our sorrows with the wine. We had a game of Jenga and then opened the Uno and had a few games of this. Emma hadn’t played before and was at a slight disadvantage over Joe and Kath who had both played before but picked it up quickly. We sat and watched some more TV before heading off to bed.

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