Lazy days

Today we didn’t really have anything to do as the car was in the garage so we took the bed cover (called a dooner over here) and sat on the sofa. We flicked through the TV and there wasn’t much on so we downloaded a couple of episodes of Lost and watched these. This took us through to the mid-afternoon and we decided to call the garage to see if the car was fixed. We’d also asked them to do a full check of the engine to make sure that nothing else was on its way out so were quite keen to hear what they said. They told us they hadn’t finished yet but to come over at 5 and the car would be ready. We had decided that if Bentley needed much else doing then we’d cut our losses and sell. Luckily when Joe went to pick up the car the guy said everything looked alright.
By the time we got the car back the shopping centre was closed and we didn’t have any food in. Kath was late home so Emma rang her to check she was alright. Kath mentioned a good Indian take-away down the road and when she got home we called up and ordered a Chicken Korma, Lamb Ragu Bhuna and a Butter Chicken with Naan’s and rice. Kath needed to go to the petrol garage and get a bottle of wine so we told the Indian we’d come to pick it up. We headed out quick as the bottle-o was going to shut in 10 minutes so we ran to the car and headed down the road into Bentley shops. When we got back we all shared each of the curries and it was lovely, especially when washed down with wine! Soon after we said our good-byes to Kath for the second time and headed off to bed for an early night.

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