The Pinnacles

We woke early today and started packing its amazing how much stuff you seem to accumulate nothing seems to fit back in your bag! Once we had packed our bags we went and put the bedding on the mattress and the pillows. It looked lovely and cosy. We tidied up Kath’s house and then it was time to hit the road jack. We left Kath a thank you card and the details of our car just in case. (Emma also drew a picture of us in the car just in case Kath forgot what we looked like).
We headed out of town on the ‘great’ northern highway. We were expecting a motorway with about 5 lanes of traffic in each direction. But it was just a single lane highway (and we both commented on its greatness) We passed the swan valley wineries and a little town called gingin but other than this there was nothing on route but country side. Emma drove for around three hours till we reached our destination for the next couple of nights, Cervantes. Along the rout there were lots of fire risk dials, these state what the potential fire risk is and at that time it was on high… this alarmed us slightly.
Tom Tom took us straight to our camp site for the evening and we checked in for two nights. This cost us $40, this was less than stated in the guide book. The price comparison for a dorm bed each in a hostel it would cost us around $100. So Bentley is already earning his keep.
Once we had checked in and found our pitch we hung around for a couple of hours, Emma read her book and Joe had a snooze. At around 4 we headed off to the pinnacles dessert so that we could see the sun set over the pinnacles. The lady at the camp site told us that for a car it would cost $10 or the tour was $50 each, Joe asked if a standard car would be ok over the terrain and she said that it was made of limestone and that it would be fine. We apprehensively headed off with our car to search for the pinnacles with Emma singing Follow the yellow brick road with Joe thinking my girlfriends gone nuts! It took us around half an hour to get there, we paid the $10 and headed onto the one way 4km road around the desert. Along the way there were points that you were able to pull in and get out of your car to look at the pinnacles up close and there was also a look out point. At first sight we were amazed at all the lime stone rocks rising out of the ground scattered as far as the eye could see. When we got to the look out point and saw just how far they stretched Emma said that it reminded her of a graveyard! We drove around them and stopped at various points along the route for photographs and found one rock that was twice the size of Emma. Emma said that the rocks should all be measured in Emma size – once Emma, half Emma… Joe giggled.
Bentley made it round the rough terrain to both our relief and got the title ‘all terrain Bentley’ as opposed to ‘no terrain Bentley’! We have taken to praising and encouraging our car and talking to him and telling him we love him and touch wood its working. J
Once the sun had set over the pinnacles we took a careful drive home as this is the time that the Kangaroos like to jump out in front of the car as they are attracted to the headlights. The only ones that Joe has seen were dead by the side of the road. (Emma did see two live ones but Joe was driving and didn’t see them).
When we got back it was dark and we tried out our new gas stove, it worked perfectly but we hadn’t yet picked up a saucepan and the tins that we had were to small to sit on the top without sitting directly on the flames. Emma had spotted a fish and chip shop with her eagle eyes and suggested that we get some for dinner. We jumped back in Bentley and drove round the corner to get some munch.
We grabbed two large chips, a beef pie to share and a bottle of rosé and went back to our pitch. (our car parked on a square of grass/sand.) We climbed in the back and got out our plastic knifes, forks and two wine glasses. (Joe said that it reminded him of being little and making a fort out of bed sheets) We sat on the mattress heads bent over eating our dinner by the light of a dying torch and vowed to get a better one tomorrow. Once the torch died which was around 8 o’clock we went to bed for a very restless nights sleep. Joe fell asleep pretty much instantly, Emma overcome her fear of claustrophobia and finally managed to get to sleep but Joe woke her up around 30 minutes later to feel an insect bite that he’d got on his back. Emma gave him no sympathy, rubbed it and fell back to sleep 😆 .

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