Jurien Bay…Finding a tent

Today we decided that we needed to buy a torch, tent and saucepan. There aren’t many shops in Cervantes just a local supermarket and liquor store so we headed to the next nearest town Jurien Bay which is 20km away. On the way we passed Molah hill look out point which Emma had seen in the bible (our lonely planet guide) and said we should go to on the way back. We got into the town and went into the hardware store. We picked up an extension lead that would reach from the power source in our camp spot to the car and a plug in floodlight that we hoped would be better than our torch. Around the corner from this was a camping shop where we managed to pick up a three man tent (when we put it up we said that they would have to be three skinny midgets!). After the tent was up and we had transferred some of the things out the back of Bentley we took a walk to the beach, this only takes about two minutes from our camp site. We walked along the beach and watched people bringing their boats in. There was one guy trying to hoist his boat in and Emma said that she thought that he didn’t bring his truck back far enough into the water. We waited and watched him and sure enough she was right and he had to climb back in and reverse some more into the water. (thanks dad!) We walked along the beach some more with Joe splashing in the waves like a five year old and saying that Emma was boring for not wanting to get her feet wet in the freezing water. We noticed that the beach further up seemed to have a lot of washed up jellyfish and decided that we would head back. There were a couple in front of us walking hand in hand, a romantic walk, but Emma was walking in front and Joe was trying to step in her footsteps. When he said this Emma started jumping all over the place to make it difficult for him. The couple were walking like adults and we were jumping like children…think we had more fun J
Emma noticed that next to the toilet blocks there was a kitchen so we grabbed our newly bought pot and some soup (beef and vegetable) and headed to make dinner. The soup wasn’t too great and Joe ended up eating the rest of Emma’s and most of a loaf of bread. We turned on the TV and Joe found the Eagles game so we sat and watched this while we ate. It wasn’t as good as watching it at Kev’s house even if he does now have a rubbish TV 😉 We headed back to our car for the evening to drink some wine and write our blog….Tah-dah…. We then thought that we would go and sit in the tent and moved the really bright flood light and laptop in with us. Emma was crapping herself as there was a lot of massive moths hitting the outside and it sounded horrible. We think from looking at a neighbours TV that the Eagles might have won! Woo-hoo!!

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