A hard days work

This morning we woke early and Ernie made us some poached eggs and bacon. While we sat and had breakfast we asked Ernie if he had thought of anything that needed doing, he said that the pool needed cleaning and that we could rake the drive for him if we liked. We said that we would rake the drive as we thought that it would be the harder job. Ernie found some rakes for us and made sure that we had hats to keep the sun off us. Emma dug out the Eagles cap that he had given her and Ernie mumbled about the youth of today preferring to wear caps rather than wide brimmed hats. We walked down to the start of the drive and looked down towards the front gate which is about 700 meters long and felt slightly daunted by the task ahead. We got stuck in and started raking the leaves and mulch into piles so that Ernie could burn them later. Along the path there were a couple of ants nests these were rather large nests about a meter long and as soon as you got anywhere near them with the rake it seemed like the whole ground was moving. We were careful not to disturb them too much as Ernie said that they could give you a bit of a nip (Emma did run back to the house and change from her flip-flops into shoes when we saw the first nest). By around 12 we had got about half way down and we decided that it was time for a break and some refreshments so we headed back up to the house. We both grabbed a can of coke and Joe made a sandwich and we sat out on the patio waiting for the heat of the midday sun to die down. We headed back out in the afternoon and continued with the drive. As we got towards the end of the drive both of our backs began to ache and we wondered how Faye and Ernie managed to do this on their own. Soon we were able to see the gate at the front of the drive – the light at the end of the tunnel. We were almost done for the day and had made just over 20 piles of leaves. A job well done we thought (there was still the other side of the drive left for another day) and walked back to tell them the good news that we had done that side of the drive. When we got back up Ernie was cleaning out the pool, he said that he was very grateful for our hard work and that it would have taken him and Faye a lot longer. We came in and both had a shower as when we rolled down our socks you could see a dirt line from the dust that was kicked up by the rake. After we were clean Ernie gave us some of his shop bought beer, he said we could have a decent beer after a hard days work! We also had some home brew beer, this was nice after a long days work and we sat down for dinner. Ernie had cooked steak and some salad with potatoes this was also lovely after a long day and was devoured very quickly. For desert we all had another slice of cheesecake and then headed off for an early nights sleep as we were feeling drained from the days work.

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