Meeting Leanne

Today when we woke Ernie and Faye had breakfast on the go. Joe had beans on toast and Emma had some toasted raisin bread. We decided to head into Geraldton to find somewhere we could use the internet. Joe was driving and we managed to find a parking space in the centre of town right beside a café. As Joe was pulling into the spot he nudged the car in front, Emma was pretty annoyed, more because she thought the car may belong to one of the guys sitting outside the café and didn’t want any trouble. We parked up and then found a McDonalds and headed in, luckily they had wi-fi so Emma had a cappuccino and Joe went all out (even though he’d only eaten a little while ago!) and got a cheeseburger meal. We went online and updated our blog and then Emma’s cousin Leanne (who lives in Geraldton) came online and told us to come on over. We popped into Woolworths to grab a few bits and some things that Ernie needed then into the bank. We then went over to meet Leanne. Leanne has 3 kids but the older two were at school and the youngest one, Indi, was a bit too shy to come out.
At around 2.30 Leanne headed out to pick the two older kids, Jy and Rani, up from school. Joe and Emma sat around at Leanne’s house waiting for the kids to come home. When they came in they were very excited to see us and Rani headed Emma straight off to show her how well she could play the keyboard. Then Jy wanted Emma to see him ride his ‘motorbike’ as he called it. The kids were getting quite energetic all vying for our attention so we headed outside. Rani showed Joe how to kick a football whilst Jy and Indi showed Emma how they jumped on the trampoline. Indi climbed into the swing and asked Emma to push her. She’s only around 2 so Emma wasn’t pushing very hard but Indi was just shouting ‘higher’. Indi then climbed out and dragged Emma across the garden desperate to show her something. Indi was pointing to a spot on the ground and shouting ‘Sassy’ but Emma was quite confused until Leanne came over and explained that their dog Sassy had died and that was where she was buried. Jy then dragged Emma back towards the trampoline where he showed us how he could bounce onto his bum and back up again.
It was soon time for Rani to head to her keyboard lesson and she asked Emma if we could take her. We said we couldn’t because we didn’t have anymore seats in our car and that Poppy (which is what everyone calls Ernie) would be expecting us back fro dinner. We did tell the kids that we would see them soon and little Indi told Leanne that she loved Joe! It was very sweet, especially as Joe hadn’t spent a huge amount of time playing with her.
We headed back to the farm where Faye and Ernie already had dinner going. They were cooking roast lamb with sweet potatoes and sprouts. It was delicious and for desert we had banana cake with custard. After dinner we sat and watched some TV and then headed off for the night.

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