More raking

When we woke today Faye had made us some porridge and gave us some honey to add to it. After we had eaten this Faye asked us what our plans were for today, we said that we were going to do the second half of the drive. As it was over cast we thought that it would be easier than the other day so we headed out armed with our rakes. This half of the drive was covered in thick leaf mulch and was harder than we first thought and was taking a lot longer than the other side of the drive (at least we didn’t have to worry about the ants). In among the leaves was parts of the old fence wire that was left when the next fence was put up, we thought that it would be helpful if we piled this up near the house so that Ernie would be able to dispose of it all in one go. To save us time we placed this in the lane and decided that we would pick it up on the way back. We did have some company with Ernie and Faye’s dog called Jack. Every time that we moved down to the next section of leaves to rake he would move down the path and sit staring out over the fields. We got around half way down and decided that we would take a break for lunch. We wandered back and when we walked in the door we could smell the lunch that Faye was cooking for us. It was cauliflower soup with chilli powder this was really nice and Joe finished what was left in the pot. We had to stay in doors for a little while longer as a guy had come to fertilise the crops and he was kicking up dust everywhere.
After lunch we headed back down to the path and carried on with the raking, our backs were still aching from the days raking previously and when we were towards the end we did talk about maybe finishing the last of it tomorrow. We decided that we would persevere and finish the last of the lane as it was looking so good and just as we were thinking this we noticed Faye walking down the lane with another rake in her hand, we didn’t want her to think that we were giving in so we continued with her right up to the fence (we were both grateful for her help). As we walked back up the lane we picked up the wire that we had left, there was quite a bit of it and it took both of us and Faye holding our rakes to bring it all back. The wires were trailing behind us and Joe said that it looked like we were a couple of jellyfish. We hung the wire on the side of the fence and headed back up to the house, we decided that we would head out to the bottle-o and pick up some beers for everybody to drink. Just as we were about to jump in the car Faye said that we should check out the plot of land that her and Ernie own in town as it is near to the bottle-o. She let us know what road it was on and the houses that were near by, when we got there we couldn’t tell the exact plot of land that they owned but we could see the view and it was very picturesque. It was set up on the hill looking out at the ocean and the surrounding area. We stopped at the bottle-o and picked up some light beers as we knew that this was what Ernie liked to drink and headed back. When we got back and handed Ernie one of the bottles he said that he had been to the area in Tasmania that they were produced and used to know someone that worked in the factory, instead of tea breaks they were given beer breaks!
We all sat down for dinner and Faye had made lamb chops and a salad that she had picked up the recipe for, it was made with apples and bananas in a cream sauce. Joe was a bit dubious at first but it was great. For desert she had made baked apples stuffed with raisins and egg custard. This was also very nice and we all felt stuffed. We both sat down in the front room for a short while watching the news. It said that this area, Greenough, is expecting heavy rain and strong winds tomorrow, Emma went to tell Ernie but he was in such disbelief he went off to check on the internet. We were more concerned about all the piles of leaves we’d made, we didn’t want the wind to blow them all around again and make a wasted days work! Ernie gave us some of his home brew beer, this was nice after a long days work and then we went to bed to rest our very achy bones.

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