Resting our achy bones

Today we woke up and called Leanne to see if she was free to take us to the hotel and introduce us to her old boss but she said that she had some people coming over and wouldn’t be able to do it today but would be free tomorrow morning. We also called a vineyard but they said that they wouldn’t have any work until June (too late for us). We weren’t sure what to do for the rest of the day as when we looked outside the wind and rain had come, Ernie was happy about this fact as he said that he had been waiting for this for seven months. We didn’t have too much to do for the day so we sat in and wrote our blog and watched some TV. We couldn’t believe that during the day there was a film show that had a warning before hand for moderate violence and should only be viewed by an adult audience! In the evening Ernie and Faye cooked roast pork and vegetables. After this we went to bed for a bit of an early night as we wanted to get to Leanne’s for around 9.

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