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We woke at about 7.30 this morning and we had breakfast with Faye and Ernie, Ernie had cooked us sausages and fried tomatoes. When we had finished breakfast we headed out to Leanne’s, the satnav took us a different route this time through fields and farm land. When we arrived at Leanne’s she still had the guests that were round from the day before and we were introduced to them all. We were also introduced to her husband called Mick who had obviously seen our blog and asked us how our car was doing now.
Leanne’s kids had been kept out of school as the weather wasn’t great, she told Rani to think of it as a birthday present. She asked us what our plans were for the day and we said that we didn’t really have any, so we made plans to head over to the hotel to see if there was any work later that morning. This gave us a couple of hours to muck about with the kids, Rani showed us some of the presents that she got for her birthday including a skipping rope that she was waving about franticly almost taking the ceiling fan down at one point J Jy showed us a Spiderman bag that he got as a present that he got for Rani’s birthday and was very happy about. Indi was taken by Leanne’s sister-in-law into town and we left the kids with Mick’s dad and headed over to the hotel.
When we got over to the hotel Leanne laughed that she got the same parking spot that she used to have five years ago. We headed in and had a look around the place trying to find one of the managers it seemed that most of them were out at the bank or on a break, we did manage to track one down that was working in the bottle-o that is attached to the side of the hotel. He said that they didn’t have any places in there but to speak to the other managers as they may have something, he also pointed out that we would need to get our RSA’s (this is a licence that means we are able to serve alcohol responsibly) as this is a requirement in all the bars across Australia. He said that we would need to do this at the TAFE collage and there was a member of his staff doing it on Monday. We headed back out and Leanne gave our details to the front desk staff to pass onto the managers that were out.
We headed back to Leanne’s and had a look on her computer at the TAFE courses, we decided that we would give them a call they said that there was the course on Monday that we knew about and that the next one was in a months time! We asked them to email the details across to us and we would fax them back.
We left Leanne’s and headed back to Ernie’s house, stopping en-route to grab a bottle of wine to drink over dinner. When we got to Ernie’s we went online and printed out the applications for the college, filled these out and faxed them back with a copy of our visa’s. Joe called them up a few minutes later to check that they received it. The said that they had and needed to check something with our visa’s, he was put on hold for a while and then they came back and said that everything was fine and to come in for 8.30 on Monday morning. We were all booked in 🙂
Ernie and Faye came back from the doctors and we had dinner, homemade special fried rice. We opened the bottle of wine and Faye was a bit dubious at first but after tasting it said it was very nice asking for us to top up her glass.
In the evening there was a Aussie footy game on that we sat and watched. Emma went to sleep before the end and Joe continued to watch it alone 🙁 (he did say the next day that it was a good game and she missed out)

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