Rani’s Birthday party

This morning we woke and decided to head to the western Australian museum before going over to Leanne’s for Rani’s birthday. When we arrived we were greeted by the reception staff and asked them if there was a charge to get in. They told us that it was by donation only so we said that we would give a donation when we left. When we first walked in there was information on rocks that had been found in western Australian dating back 40 billion years. There was then a section on aboriginals and the persecution that they have faced through the years along with the tools that they have used for things like hunting such as the boomerang. We then walked into a section about all the shipwrecks that have happened in the local area and a display of some of the items that were found. At the back of this room there was a big archway that was found in the bottom of one of the sunken ships that was constructed when the pieces were dredged from the sea. After we had watched a short film about how they got the items back on the surface we headed out giving the reception staff a ten dollar note as a donation.
We then headed off to Leanne’s stopping in McDonalds briefly to post our blog. When we arrived at Leanne’s we were met by a herd of screaming girls that were obviously Rani’s friends. When we walked in there were about 10 girls and JY looked really out of his depth outnumbered 10 to 1 with plenty more girls arriving every few minutes! Soon the house was full of girls running around screaming with games of musical statues going. Emma was operating the CD player with Joe calling people who were out. It was like good cop bad cop (Joe said that he didn’t like being the bad cop).
Rani’s cake was then brought out and she cut the cake, the girls said that if the knife touched the base when Rani cut it they all got to scream (we didn’t understand this at all) and Emma who hadn’t heard this first bit looked quite confused when they all started screaming there heads off like they were at a Robbie Williams concert. Emma was holding Indi and she really wanted to blow the candles out as well but Emma explained that she would probably just dribble on them.
After the cake was cut and eaten the girls parents started arriving and we thought it best to start heading off as we were due back at Faye and Ernie’s for dinner. When we got back Faye had made a green chicken curry with rice. After dinner we sat and watched the Eagles game on TV, they lost so we went to bed L

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