Bye Bye Ernie and Faye

We awoke today and started packing our things into the car as we were going over to Leanne’s and spending the night. When we had packed up we said our goodbyes to Ernie, Faye and Karl and thanked them for making us feel welcome in their house.
We headed off into town towards Leanne’s and only remembered when we got into town that we had left a bottle of wine in Ernie’s fridge (we hoped that they would find it and enjoy it). When we got to Leanne’s Indi was asleep in bed and Jy and Rani were at school.
At around three Mick left and picked the kids up and they were soon back and wanting to show us various things. Jy had made some masks at school and Emma tried one on and pretended to be a cat.
Emma was playing with Indi, Indi wanted to touch the ceiling so Emma was lifting her in the air (Emma had to go on tip-toes) after around the 10th time Emma was finished with her workout! Leanne offered us both a drink and asked us how our TAFE course went, we told her all about it and she said that she hadn’t heard from the winter sun hotel.
Leanne was cooking some special fried rice and the kid’s all helped with the cooking, they were all stirring the food and Jy even had a little chef’s hat to put on. After a little more playtime with the kids it was their bedtime so Leanne headed off to settle them into bed. After they were all in bed Leanne asked us if we liked cheesecake and we smiled (Joe said he didn’t like cheesecake…he loved it!)
In the evening after the kids were in bed Joe and Leanne went outside and played some table tennis and Emma sat and watched (having no spatial awareness and unable to hit the ping pong ball).
We were given the film room to sleep in and decided that we would put one on to watch before bed, we stuck in Daddy day-care. It wasn’t too bad, a bit strange to see Vin Desiel playing a nanny in a kids movie… and we went to sleep after.

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