Off to Kalbarri

Today we are leaving the comfort of friends and family behind and our big adventure really begins. We’re both quite excited about heading off but also slightly sad about saying goodbye to Leanne and the kids. We woke around 7.30 to the sound of Rani getting ready for school and Jy and Indi watching tele. When Indi wakes she loves her cuddles and as mummy was busy making breakfast Emma was the chosen one! Jy wasn’t at school today as he is only just staring so doesn’t have to go everyday. We offered to watch Indi and Jy whilst Leanne took Rani to school but they wanted to go too. We said goodbye to Rani and after they had left decided we’d play with Jy’s train set for a while and make a big track that he could play when he got home. We were nearly finished when Jy came rushing through the door, very excited to see that we liked playing with trains too!
We told Leanne we would be heading off soon, always the mum she hurried off and started packing us a cooler bag with some snacks and a couple of bottles of water she’d frozen for us overnight.
We waved goodbye to the kids and headed towards town first as we needed to get some more water, we had seen signs on the highway into Geraldton saying ‘Limited water beyond Geraldton. Stock up’. We ended us getting another 20 litres on top of the 10 we already had.
We then started our journey to Kalbarri National Park. Tom Tom told us we had a 2 and a half hour journey, not too bad. Emma drove and Joe was her feeder…for cigarettes, snacks and water…he was also the music man. The sky was looking very grey and as we were 50 km from Kalbarri the heavens opened. It was quite scary driving as the window wipers couldn’t go any faster to clear the water from the screen and Emma was keeping her eyes peeled for a safe place to pull over while it passed. As soon as it had started it was gone. When we arrived in Kalbarri we checked into the Murchison Caravan Park (as recommended in our Lonely planet bible) It cost us $58 for two nights, pretty cheap and we had a nice shady spot. We’d already eyed up the bottle-o on the way into the caravan park so headed there to grab a couple of bottles of Rosé (yes…I know you all think we’re alchy’s!). We also stopped off at the visitors centre to grab some brochures on what to see and do in Kalbarri. It’s like a different world staying in Caravan parks, everyone says hello to everyone and we soon got use to saying ‘g’day’ to everyone we saw. It was getting pretty late and we could see peaks of the sunset through the trees but wanted to head down to the beach front to get a closer look. Joe reckoned we were going to have a romantic adult walk…Emma wasn’t sure it was possible with us both acting like big kids. It started well with Joe walking with his arm around Emma’s waist but as soon as we got out of the caravan park the romance was replaced with childish acts of trying to trip each other up.
We watched the sun set over the mouth of the Murchison river…it was beautiful…we then sat on the beach star gazing. You can see so many stars here, some patches of the sky look almost grey for the amount of stars. After this we saw a fish and chip shop selling fresh fish caught that day. We got a Bassa to share (guy said it tastes like Cod) and some chips and went and sat in our little tent to eat. It was still pretty early but we were exhausted so jumped into Bentley, pulled the curtains shut and headed off to the land of nod.

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