Mushroom rock

We got up early today and went to check out how skanky the showers were. They were surprisingly very decent, with a good flow of hot water and clean clothes we were ready to check out what Kalbarri National Park had to offer. We’d already read through the brochures and seen a couple of bits that we thought were must-do’s. We drove 40km to the entrance of the park and headed down the road to an area called natures window. We say road, it was more a dirt track made of rocks and really corrugated sand. It made the whole car judder and the tom tom fall off the windscreen! But Bentley ate the road up with no problems. We had to drive 20 km along this road before we got to natures window. There was a path from the car park which took you along to the cliffs edge, then you had to climb these rocks to get around to the window. It’s a massive whole in the rocks framing the Murchison river upstream. It was a pretty amazing view and Joe once again impressed himself by overcoming his fear of heights. We then drove to another spot in the park called the Zig Zag but when we got there it was a long three hour bush walk and neither of us felt like doing this.
We then headed to a place called Mushroom rock. There was a short 1.2km walk so we grabbed our water and headed off. We were led down into this coastal gorge and it was absolutely beautiful, Joe stayed down by the shore trying to tease crabs out from underneath the rocks. We saw mushroom rock on the side of the cliff and Emma decided that she would climb up, Joe thought it was too high and too much climbing so watched from below as Emma made her way up and over to the rock.
When she climbed back down Joe was still looking at crabs and Emma turned up just in time to warn him that a massive wave was coming in. It gave us just enough time to retreat up the beach and watch it crash against the rocks right where we were standing.
We then carried on the walk up the other side of the gorge, here there were massive boulders that were sat all around us with some perched on the edge of the cliff above waiting to drop. The view from up here was breathtaking. We continued walking and ended up back at the car park. We decided to head back to the car and read for a little while before going to make some dinner at the camp kitchen. We were just going to have some pasta with a Garlic and red wine sauce, joe was a bit disappointed with the lack of meat but without a fridge it’s hard to keep anything. We were lucky we got in the kitchen just in time as soon after there was a small crowd of people waiting to use the hob. As the kitchen was getting crowded we headed back to the car to eat our dinner. Soon afterwards we went to sleep.

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