Pelican feeding and drive to Shark Bay

We were checking out of Kalbarri today so woke around 7 to pack the car up. We had been told that every morning at 8.45 the pelicans would be fed at the beachfront and we wanted to go and check it out so took a wander. We were there early and managed to get a decent seat. One pelican was already there and waiting too, when he spotted the fish lady get out of her car with buckets he went running over and followed her back from the car park. She came over and introduced herself. She was a volunteer and had been feeding this particular 3 year old pelican from when he was young. She said that he is very use to her and that he often follows her home and waits on the front porch. When she’s not home he goes and has a swim in the neighbours pool. Only one pelican turned up in the end although the lady did explain that this is because it’s mating season and the adults would be away trying to find partners. She offered everyone to have a go at chucking a fish for the pelicans but we both didn’t want to get fishy hands so didn’t take up the offer. When all the fish were gone we went back to check out and start our journey onwards to Shark Bay. On route we passed a car and they waved at us, after this we began waving to all the vehicles we saw coming towards us! We were surprised to see that it was mainly the truckers that waved. This made the four and three quarter hours drive seem to pass quicker. Emma drove the first 3 hours to the Overlander roadhouse. Here we stopped off to stretch our legs and grab something to eat. We both ordered a bacon sandwich and for some reason the chef was so confused that we didn’t want bacon and egg that he came out of the kitchen to check.
After our food it was Joe’s turn to drive the last 165km to Denham in shark Bay. On the way into Shark Bay we stopped at a place called Hamelin to take a look at one of the worlds oldest and most simplest life forms, Stromatolites. These look like rocks that come out of the sea but they are actually alive. We read that they were around before there was enough oxygen to support land mammals and as they produced (at that time) 20% of the worlds oxygen, without them humans would probably never have existed on Earth. Although they were not much to look at we were quite impressed when we noticed they were blowing bubbles!
We popped into the gift shop and Emma was surprise that it wasn’t actually full of ‘I love Australia tat’. She was eying up a very pretty dress and decided to buy it but when we got to the till Joe pulled out his wallet and bought it. It was the last one and Emma did explain that it wouldn’t suit Joe and that he’d struggle to get into it, so he gave it to Emma J
We then got back in the car and headed to an area called shell beach, this was as the name would suggest a beach made of shells. After walking along the beach at Hamelin it was very much the same with shells as far as the eye could see. It did say on the sign that the shells went 10 meters deep! We didn’t stay there for very long and jumped back in the car and headed off to Denham. Denham looked lovely as we drove into it and along the sea front. We found our caravan park that we were going to stay in and booked in for four days. We put up the tent and unloaded some things out of Bentley then drove back into town. We grabbed some beers to have with dinner and then headed back to start cooking.
When we got back we picked up our food, pasta and sauce and a saucepan and headed off to find the cooking area. There were a couple of barbeques and we found a hob that looked like it hadn’t been used in about three years. It had bush starting to grow out of it and we thought that we would be better off heading back and using the little stove that we have in the tent. When we were setting the stove up a couple that could see us from the barbeque area came over and said not to bother messing about with ‘that thing’ and to go over to their caravan and use their stove. We couldn’t believe how nice they were, they went back up and carried on barbequing and left us in their caravan to watch TV and cook our pasta! When it was cooked we went back up and sat with them to eat. They talked about their travels (they were grey nomads) and told us all about their trips to Morocco and Thailand. They said that once they even found themselves in pirate country surrounded by guys with Ak-47’s . We sat and talked with them for a while about our travels and about various other things and then headed off for the night.

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