Bentley on the beach

Today we headed into town and had breakfast in a café on the beach front. After this we popped into the information centre and had a look at what was on offer in Monkey Mia. We decided that we would book to go on a boat cruse tomorrow as this looked like the best option. If you booked the afternoon tour then you got the sunset tour free as well. After this was all booked and we were told the time and where to catch the tour we thought that we would check out a lookout point called Eagles bluff. The lonely planet guide said that from this view point you could see anything from Rays, turtles, sharks and dolphins. We pulled up and walked along the walkway that goes along the side of the cliff there were information boards that told you about the various animals. The only thing that we could see was seagulls sat on the small island that was about 200 meters out. On one of the information boards we read that the young aboriginals use to wade out to the island and collect the bird eggs to eat. We were a little disappointed but it was a nice view.
We jumped back in the car and headed to a place called little lagoon. We had seen signs for it a little way back towards Denham and thought that it would be a good place to chill out and have a paddle. When we got there we were the only people in the area, the lagoon was about knee high in the deepest point and we had a paddle. After a while we thought that we would head back and bring Bentley up to the beach front. We pulled him up along the shore line about a metre from the edge and jumped out, Joe grabbed a beer out of the back and sat with his feet in the sand skimming shells across the water while Emma sat on Bentleys bonnet sunning herself. We sat around here for a could of hours soaking in the sun.
We headed back in the late afternoon and picked up some sausages and rolls to barbecue for dinner and a couple of bottles of wine from the bottle-o, we didn’t check the bottles until we got back to the camp site. We had been given bottles with corks in and we didn’t have a wine opener. Joe wandered over to our next door neighbours and asked if we could borrow a cork screw and wandered back with an open bottle. They must have seen us sitting in the front of Bentley and asked us if we wanted to borrow some seats. We said that was a lovely offer, they said grab our bottles and come over for a drink. So we grabbed our glasses and bottle and headed over. Another couple that were parked behind where we were sitting also joined us and we sat talking about how friendly everyone in the caravan parks are. Emma explained that when she first heard the term ’grey nomads’ she thought that they might be some sort of animal, all the snowies were laughing at this, a couple even said that they are a bit of an animal! After a little chat we decided to head off and start up the barbecue. Joe was gone for quite a while but when he arrived he had no cooked sausages, he couldn’t get the barbie started. The aussi guy came back up with us and had a go but he couldn’t figure it out either. Eventually after trying to light sticks and poke them in the whole for a bit we gave up and the couple said we could use their van. Joe went in to cook with the lady, Robin and Emma stayed outside chatting to her husband Mike. Joe made some good sandwiches and after we ate these we went back to our car. Both of us were feeling pretty drunk and fell asleep almost instantly.

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