Are we the chosen ones??!

We got up at 6 and it was quite strange as it doesn’t get light here until around 7. It was very cold so we got our things together and headed off to Monkey mia. The drive was very hard as the sun was just coming over the horizon and was right in front of us but Joe managed it with help from his sunglasses and the visor. We got there at around 7.30 and there was already a crowd on the beach front and a group of dolphins at the waters edge, we went and joined them. The dolphins were swimming very close to the bank and eyeing up the crowd by turning on their sides and looking along the rows of people. They were also chasing small fish that you could see hopping out of the water trying to escape, the seagulls were also getting in on the action. Soon we were joined by one of the guides that gave a talk on the dolphins of Monkey mia and explained that the reason they only feed them three times is that it makes them go out and hunt in the afternoons and teach their young how to also hunt. She said that the reason that they turn on their sides to see people is that they don’t have peripheral vision and cannot look up. After a short talk about the various dolphins that come to the shore, they have thirteen that come to the beach (all females and their young) but they only feed five out of these thirteen. Our chances of feeding them looked slim with the amount of people on the beach. The volunteers who work for the park came out with the buckets and everyone was asked to step out of the water and onto the sand, this told the dolphins that it was time for the feeding. People were then chosen at random from the crowd to feed them, they had to place the fish under the water flat and hold it by the tail. We were unfortunately not chosen to feed them in this sitting and after they had been fed the buckets were washed out, this was a sign to the dolphins that there was no fish left. As soon as this happened they all turned around and shot off to the deeper water to feed the young. The guide said that their was another two feedings but that they couldn’t tell when they would be as it was up to the dolphins. We walked up to a grassy point and sat watching the dolphins playing in the deeper water watching to see when they came back in. It was only around ten minutes and they were back again, the crowd this time was slightly smaller and we got near the middle. We had to listen to the same talk again and then waited eagerly to see if we would get picked. The buckets came out and hey presto Emma was the first to be picked! Joe didn’t get a chance but as we were walking away Emma told him her secret tactics, take off your sunglasses so you can make eye contact. We sat around and waited for the next feed, this was also only about another ten minutes later. Once again we listened to the talk but this time Joe had his glasses off and just like Emma he was the first one picked to feed them. So it looked like we were both the chosen ones! J
After this we headed back off to Denham, we pulled into a bakery and ordered some brunch and then picked up some cakes to eat when we got back to our camping spot. Emma had a head ache (so much for dolphin therapy!) and jumped into the back for a snooze. She woke up feeling like she was being cooked in the oven car and suggested that we head down to the foreshore where there would be a nice breeze and it would be cooler. We chilled out here for a few hours reading and lounging about until we thought that the shops would be closing as it is a bank holiday today. We went into the first shop but they didn’t have any burgers so we drove to the shop at the other end of the road, this didn’t have any buns so we got burgers and cheese and went back to the first shop to grab the buns. When we got back Joe went over to the barbeque (the same one we had trouble with previously) and managed to get it to light using a piece of wood and a lighter. We put the burgers on, when they were done we wacked the cheese on top and the guy that was cooking next to us said that he had never seen that done before. He was quite impressed. They were yummy and we munched down all 8 burgers as we don’t have a freezer and cant store any, well that’s our excuse…
We went back to our car and sat on our borrowed chairs to write our blog.

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