Off to Carnarvon

Today we packed up our camp site, the dew hangs in the mornings making everything wet. The outside of the sent was soaked and so was the inside of Bentley. Both of us when we sat up ended up getting wet hair! We hung the outer sheet of the tent by the clothes line hoping that it would be dry by the time we had packed up but it was not, so we shook it off as best as we could and tucked it away. We stopped off at the local shop and picked up some bits that we could munch while driving for breakfast and started our journey to Carnarvon. It was only two roads from Denham but we had to travel down both of these for around 200km each. The Tom Tom said that it would take around four hours (This didn’t account for caravans driving at half the speed limit!). It was an amazing drive, every time we went over a hill there was a new beautiful view and the scenery totally changed when we drove through two mountains. There was one section of the road that was littered with road kill and at one point Emma slowed the car right down as there was an emu trotting across. Ernie had told us that they are one of the dumbest animals on the planet and will run along side you car, then just dart out in front. Emma did scare Joe with some fast over taking, we were following another car and we both overtook a caravan and Joe started yelping about an oncoming car but Emma assured him that it was still way off and pulled back in front of the slow moving caravan. Other than getting stuck behind the odd road train or slow caravan our journey to Carnarvan was easy. On the way in we saw the OTC satellite dish, this was used by NASA in 1966 to track the Apollo and Gemini space missions and later used in 1986 to track Halleys comet, it was closed down in 1987 and they are thinking of opening it for tourism soon.
We booked into the caravan site we found our spot but were unable to find the power point for our site. We were in a block from 36-40 and there was power places for everyone apart from us so we just picked a number and plugged it in. We then went out to grab some bits that we needed that we had thought of along the way. A hammer, tea towels, a paint scrapper (to use on the barbeque as its cheaper than a proper barbeque scraper), a dustpan and brush (to clean Bentley), a torch (that can be recharged from electric) and some plastic storage boxes for our growing collection of stuff.
We went back to our camp site and did our washing then went to cook. Joe made chicken tonight with pasta it was yummy and we had enough to save some for lunch tomorrow.

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