Snorkelling in Coral Bay

Today we woke and went straight to the bakery where we could get some decent breakfast. Emma had raisin toast and Joe had a cheese and ham toastie. We then had a look in one of the shops nearby as we wanted to buy some camping chairs. We realised that they were really quite expensive here and decided to leave buying them till we got to Exmouth. We drove the short distance to the beach where we stripped off and headed out into the beautiful calm ocean with our snorkelling gear. We were shocked by how cold the ocean was and got our gear on as quick as possible so that we could get into the water and get acclimatised. We soon had our fins and masks on (with a little splashing about and falling over) and began swimming outward. We were amazed that we only had to swim twenty meters to hit the reef and that we were surrounded by multicoloured fish. Some of them would swim right up to you and almost be within reach to touch. We swam around for about an hour and a half and both decided that we would head back in to the shore for a rest. When we got out of the water the wind had picked up and made us both feel freezing cold, we ran up the beach and sat by Bentley hoping to warm up in the sun. Joe offered to by a drink in the bar so we went and grabbed a midi. We sat under the awning of the pub as the wind was still rather strong and threatened to blow the head off our beers! We then headed back down onto the beach and read our books and sunbathed (for all those that have been asking, Joe hasn’t been burnt yet and is starting to get a tan!) we sat and watched the sea breaking on the horizon and wondered why it wasn’t breaking on the beach.
Joe had got some bad news from home about his Nan and decided that he wanted to have a drink so we stopped by the bottle-o and grabbed some beers. We sat in the car and chatted for a while and before we knew it the time was late evening. Neither of us felt like cooking so we went into the restaurant that was next to reception. Their pizza’s looked good so we ordered one each, Joe asked how big their ‘family size’ was and ordered a meat feast while Emma got the smaller size pepperoni. We were given a ticket and took a seat in front of the TV and waited. While we were sat there we got chatting to an older couple (Emma noticing the lady’s top with London written on it but they had only visited) they were quite nice and gave us some more information of the local area and laughed with us about the London underground system. When the pizza’s came Joe’s was massive and Emma’s would have been fine for the both of us. We went back to the car and started to munch, we knew that we would have plenty left for breakfast! After we had filled up on food we headed off to bed for the night.

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