Termite mounds and rabbit poo

Today we drove to Exmouth, along the way there was lots and lots of termite mounds. Joe stuck his head out of the passengers window and took a photo of one of these and was surprised to see that someone had drawn a face on it! Some of the mounds were very big and they were dotted across the countryside. We did finish most of the pizza from last night on the drive to Exmouth with Joe handing Emma slices while she drove. On the way we both decided that we needed to visit the loo and we pulled over at the next picnic area. There was a toilet/outhouse and Emma went in first, when she came out she told Joe that there were a few flies in there and to watch out. As you can see from the picture of him coming out of the outhouse there was a ton of flies and the toilet was just a toilet connected to a hole in the floor (it was grim). When we arrived in Exmouth we booked in and set up our spot and decided to take a look at the town. We were really shocked at how little there was in town, we were thinking that Exmouth would be like a smaller version of Perth but there was only a small parade of shops and two IGA’s opposite each other (IGA is like Tesco’s). We had a look at the notice board to see if there were any jobs going in town but there was nothing on there. We took a little drive around the town and spotted the Potshot hotel where we had been told that they may have jobs but thought that we would go in tomorrow when we look more presentable.
When we got back to our camp spot we tried to plug in our power but the lead wouldn’t reach, just as we were thinking about what to do about this our neighbour came over and said that our site was an un-powered site. Checking our lonely planets guide we worked out how much we had paid and it seemed correct. We went and spoke to reception who said that we were on an un-powered site and that it would cost a further $9 per day (the lonely planets guide had the wrong price again). She asked what we had to power and said that the kitchens had plugs that we would be able to use to charge our phones and laptop. We thought this would be ok and decided to stay at the un-powered spot.
For dinner we made some chicken fajita’s. We had to make them in two lots though as our frying pan is very tiny! We sat out at the picnic tables by the kitchen and ate, whilst listening in to other peoples conversations, one guy said that he used to cook vegetarian sausages, put it in his pocket and as someone was approaching drop a bit out on the floor, when they got closer he would say ‘there’s a lot of rabbits out here’ lean down and pick up the bit of sausage (as if it was rabbit poo) and eat it saying ‘yep, definitely rabbits!’. Joe found this pretty funny but decided not to try it out himself.
It was really busy in the camp kitchen area as a tour bus had come in and they were quite loud so we decided to head back to the car and give up our seats so other people could eat. We sat in the car in darkness chatting for a couple of hours and then headed off to bed.

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