Job hunting in the boring ole’ town of Exmouth

Today we were going on a serious job hunt, we were going to check every place in town to see if they needed hard workers. First of all we went to Potshot (they seem to own half the town!) and also we’d heard that they will give you a room if you work there so we were hoping that they’d have something. When we got there they said that there were no jobs but that we should fill out an application form as people are often leaving. We did and then went off into town to ask all the places round there, we went into several restaurants, shops…the only place that seemed promising was the IGA supermarket who wanted a dairy manager and an admin person. We asked inside but the girl that deals with recruitment wasn’t around so we thought we’d try again on Monday. We even asked the visitors centre but they said the only place to find jobs in this town was to keep checking the notice board in the centre of town. When looking at the notice board we found that the local petrol garage was looking for staff so we drove over to check it out. The girl there told us to speak to the manager on Monday. We’d picked up a little map from the visitors centre so decided to go and take a look at Town beach. We drove the short drive and then took a walk along the beach, there were massive sand dunes a little way out from the shore with some guy fishing. We did think it would be a good idea to get a fishing rod at some point but they’re quite expensive so though we’d hold off till we got jobs. In the distance we noticed these massive things, white poles standing straight up and looking as though they were coming out of the sea. Joe said he thought it was a bridge and Emma reckoned they were sail boats (with the sails down). We began walking but before long stopped as they were a lot further away then we first thought.
We were feeling a bit disheartened at this point and it was getting pretty late so we stopped at the bottle-o and picked up some ciders.
We then noticed a camping store and decided to go in and see if they had any fold up chairs. They did but the guy said the cheapest they had was $40 and so we stood around debating for a while before noticing some other camping chairs for $30 (the liar!) we bought these and went back to our pitch to test them out. We hadn’t quite realised when we bought them but they were like midget chairs! We were sitting about 8inches from the floor. We thought that they would have to do anyway and used the back of the car as a very dodgy table (completely un-flat!) trying to balance out ciders on it.
After a little drink and a chat we went to the kitchen to cook some dinner. Tonight we were going to make pasta in garlic bolognaise sauce with sausages. At our camp site there seems to be a tour group run by a company called western exposure, we had noticed the night pervious that they seemed to commandeer most of the table space in the eating area and almost all of the kitchen space. It seems as though they need like 20 people just to cook a bloody spaghetti bolognaise! We were quite frustrated by them and their noise that we ate diner and soon left the area for bed.

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