Bundegi Beach and roast dinner…mmmm

Today Joe woke Emma up with a fried breakfast, he said it would be nice to have breakfast in Bentley (think he was trying to be funny) it was lovely to have a fried breakfast, eggs, bacon sausages, beans and toast. We ended up having to eat it on our laps on our new chairs and thought that the next thing that we have to sort out will be a table that we could have coming out the back of the car. This would need to wait until Monday as no hardware shops were open today. We finished the breakfast and sat about for a little while trying to digest because we were so full up and felt like big fat balloons.
When we felt like we were able to walk we got our swimming gear on and went to bundegi beach where the visitors centres map told us was good for snorkelling. On the drive there we were approaching the massive white poles we’d seen the night before, as we got closer we realised we were both wrong with our guesses. They were actually some sort of signal receivers for the navy base we passed.
We arrived at Bundegi beach and grabbed our snorkelling gear, as we got to the beahc we saw several signs saying ’No swimming’. We thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to ignore these (it could’ve been a shark breeding area) and headed back to town and to Town beach again. It was too cold and windy to go snorkelling so we sat on the beach reading for a while.
When we got back in the afternoon from the beach we sorted out or washing including our bedding and put it all in the washing machines, this was quite a lot more expensive than the other camp sites we have been to at $4 per wash! After we had put the washing on we realised that we didn’t have any pegs and we weren’t able to hang up our own washing line as most of the camp sites wont let you so we shot out to the shops and bought some we came back just in time for our washing to finish.
In the evening we cooked a roast dinner, Joe had grabbed some vegetables (yes surprising I know) and a turkey joint that said it would feed five people. It was the smallest one that they did but we thought that at least we would have enough for dinner tomorrow night as well. The main problem we had was that we had a lot of vegetables, half a cauliflower, a whole broccoli and three carrots with only one pot to put them in. We ended up putting the carrots in with the turkey as the pot was full of cauliflower and broccoli. While we were cooking this the kitchen was full of two western exposure parties (about 20 people) and they seemed to take up all of the kitchen worktops and hobs. There was people just standing around watching other people cook and getting in the way. They were very loud and it seems that most of the kitchen mess is made by them. We managed to make our meals and dished out two plates for tomorrow night. The turkey was quite fatty and not great and Joe ended up eating most of Emma’s. When we had finished we headed back to the car and sat in our chairs under that stars chatting until we decided that it was time for bed.

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