Making a table

Today we got up and made ourselves look presentable then went into town in search of jobs. We went round every hotel, shop and bar in the area and filled out a ton of application forms. As we suspected almost all of the businesses in town are owned by the Potshot hotel (we could tell as all the application forms were the same with different names on the top).
We then had a look in the local camping store as we thought that we would be able to make a shaded area out of some tarp, metal poles and some guide ropes. The tarp and the poles were going to cost too much so we scrapped that idea and asked if they knew of a timber store near by. They gave us the directions and we went in search for the bits to make our table.
The guy in the timber store was great and he cut the wood to the right size for us to make legs and got the right size ply for the table top. We picked up some hinges and then went back to our site to build it. When it was made we were very please with ourselves and put up our midget chairs to test it out. Although not the best table in the world we were happy with our handy work and sat around for a bit reading. We also checked in to the caravan park for another week, we’d checked out the other site down the road and their pitches were even more expensive. This is the most expensive town we’ve been too with petrol way higher than anywhere else, although we’re hoping that wages will be higher too J We also picked up some potatoes and a masher so that we could have mash with our pre-cooked dinner from last night. We didn’t have anything else to do for the day so chilled out for a while then went to heat up our dinner. We managed to get in and cook a little earlier tonight so avoided all the idiots from Western Exposure. After eating we left the kitchen and went back to sit at our table with a glass of wine to write our blog.

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