leaving Exmouth for hillbilly land

Today we begin our trip to Broome, 17 hours drive away! We decided to leave Exmouth as there was no work and we are getting pretty low on cash. We know that Broome is a much bigger town and so decided that we’d have better chances here. We woke at 6.30 and began packing up the car. We’d bought ice packs and froze them the night before so stopped at the kitchen to pack our cool bag and make some quick toast. We were on the road at 8 and began (what Tom Tom told us) our nine hours and 19 minute journey. Emma was feeling very perky this morning as she was glad to be leaving Exmouth. She took the first leg of the drive sticking to around 120kmph (rather that the speed limit of 110kmph) and drove for 4 and a half hours before she’d had enough of the boring straight roads through the middle of nowhere. Joe took over, soon after we could see something huge in the distance. As we got closer we could see the flashing signs saying ‘Oversize vehicle’ and we’d seen quite a few already but were completely amazed by the size of this thing. It took up almost the whole road so that cars coming towards it had to pull over by the side of the road. We started to think that we’d be stuck behind this thing for the next few hours but then the road opened a bit wider and the guy waved us round. As we drove past we saw that it was carrying the biggest tractor/thing that we’d ever seen. The wheels were about 5 metres across! (Emma’s dad would be green!) we did manage to get a picture as we drove past and the guy in the front cab gave a little smile when he saw the camera.
We continued on our journey through the ever-changing landscape, sometimes big open plains as far as you could see, sometimes mountains sometimes trees and bush. Some of the mountains looked as though they were holograms in the distance, like they were super-imposed. We saw plenty of Eagles flying overhead and cows and sheep just wandering by the side of the road. It took us 7 and a half hours in the end when we reached our camp for the night (if you can even call it that!). We booked in and found ourselves in the crappiest campsite ever. We were in the ghetto! Like hillbilly land! The only thing that looked slightly decent was the pool and we’d already seen the state of the showers (a little kid even kicked Joe on the way out! Emma did restrain him from teaching the kid some manners) so we decided the pool was our best option to cool down. We set up the tent but didn’t bother unpacking the car as we thought we’d just sleep in the tent. We then went to have a swim in the pool, it definitely looked better from afar but was still better then the showers.
After relaxing for an hour with Joe singing ’In the Ghetto’ every few minutes we went to go and cook dinner whilst it was still light. We had to use our little gas stove to cook the pasta as there was no camp kitchen at all. We went and sat over in the benched area to cook but we were both concerned that our car would get nicked in the 20 mins we were away so Joe went back to check on Bentley. We cooked pasta and just added some spicy pepper sauce. Emma didn’t really like it so Joe ate the rest of hers too. We had nothing better to do as we had no light or power on the laptop so went to the tent with a sleeping bag, duvet and two pillows. It was very uncomfortable and after a few minutes decided that we wouldn’t be able to sleep. We didn’t want to move our stuff into the tent as we were sure it’d get stolen so we had to re-think. Emma said that if it weren’t for the fact that the kangaroos will be out in force she’d carry on driving but we didn’t want to risk it. We came up with another plan, Joe would sleep in the front of the car and Emma would clear a little slither of mattress in the back and sleep the width way across. She reckoned it was a perk of having little legs. We finally settled down to sleep for a few hours.

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