South Hedland to Broome

When Emma woke today it was still dark and she could hear Joe fiddling around with the empty tent so decided to get up too. Joe already had the tent packed by the time she came back from the loo and we got on the road at 6.30. The sun was just coming up and we were very happy to leave the ghetto. We had a 7 and a half hour journey ahead of us. The drive was nothing out of the ordinary other than when we were running low on fuel we saw a sign that said there was a turn off for fuel that would be 12km down a dirt track. It also said that the next services weren’t for another 200km so we thought it best to turn off the highway and refuel. When we turned off, the road was a red corrugated dirt track (this is quite normal in the outback) and we continued down this until we got to a bull standing in the middle of the road. We slowed down and then it turned to look at us and Joe said that he thought it was going to charge, so we drove past and carried on quickly. We the saw a big plume of dust coming from round the corner, in front of this was an easy rider bus so we knew that we were on the right track. We got to a gate and wasn’t sure if we were meant to be going through it or not but thought that it was probably just to keep the bull out. Past the gate was the petrol station and we pulled up to the pump, a girl came out and said that we had to pay at the desk before she would fill up the petrol so Emma trotted off to sort it out. When she came back the girl started to pump the fuel but the meter was still on the last persons payment and we ended up getting about an extra two dollars of fuel. When we had filled up we went back to the main high way (no bull this time) and continued on our journey. We drove pretty much non-stop with short breaks to change drivers and arrived in Broome at 1. We spotted a McDonalds on the way in and thought that we would be able to use the internet after we had set up our camp. We drove around the camp site that we wanted to stay at before we went to reception as we didn’t want to book another week in a ghetto. It looked fine so we pulled round to reception and checked in. ($28 a night for powered)
After setting up camp, charging phones and laptop we took a trip to find the McDonalds so we could get online and see if we had had any responses to job applications in Broome. The internet wasn’t working but Emma was grumpy because she hadn’t eaten all day so we had a bite to eat. We then had a look in our lonely planets guide and it said that there was an internet café near by so we took a drive to where we thought it was, only to go round in circles as it was actually behind McDonalds! We logged on and had a look but didn’t have any replies. When we got back to camp we had a chat with our neighbours, there’s two couples who’d booked plots next to each other but the caravan park had messed up. We had an empty spot beside up so said to them that we would move over one if they wanted, they said they’d ask the office the next morning. We both felt tired after an uncomfortable nights sleep in the car so went back to camp for the night

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