1st year anniversery with banana custard

Today we woke at around 8 and showered, the showers are pretty decent, outdoors-ish (the roof doesn’t meet the walls so its still open to the insects L) but hot water and clean. When we came back the group beside us had spoken to the caravan office and they said it’s cool if we were happy to move over. We pulled everything out the tent with the help of the two guys and moved it over a plot, they were really grateful. After this we went to have a little drive around town. We also took a drive to check out Cable Beach, which won the award for cleanest beach in Western Australia this year. After coming back and reading for a while we decided to think about what to do for dinner. The group who we’d moved for bought us some beers so we put them in the shade and hoped they’d stay cool for later. Today is our first year anniversary together so we wanted to do something to mark the event but we’re too skint to do much. Joe suggested finding somewhere to go for dinner but Emma (being very un-romantic) said it’s too expensive so we decided we’d get takeaway. First of all we popped to the supermarket and picked up some chocolate cake and banana custard for desert. Then we took a drive into china town and found a fish and chip shop. It was around 7 so we stopped to get some chips and Barramundi. When we got back we set up the table and had dinner at the back of the car along with our almost cold beers. It was very windy and we were freezing so thought eating desert in the car is a better idea. We climbed in and as we were preparing the bowls both said that it really didn’t feel as though we were sitting in the front seats of a car anymore, it feels more like a living room! We started to eat and were both shocked at how good it was, the cold banana custard went fantastic with the chocolate chip sponge cake. The custard was so nice that, as we don’t have a fridge to store it and Joe didn’t want it going to waste, he drank it. We wanted to be up early tomorrow and start our job hunting so settled down for an early night.

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