Joe gets a job

We woke early and got spruced up for our job hunt today. Emma straightened her hair and even put makeup on! We had been hearing a strange knocking sound coming from the front tyre and Emma’s dad had said to check that the bolts were on tight. We pulled out of the caravan park to the road as they have a rule here saying ‘no working on cars’. This is when we noticed that we had a jack, a spare wheel but no spanner to fit the bolts! We drove back to our plot to ask our neighbours if they had one but the guys car was in the garage getting a new clutch so he didn’t. He seemed to know a bit about cars and offered to take it for a drive so that he could tell what might be wrong. Emma got out and went and stood by the tent whilst Joe and the guy, Brett, drove away. When they came back Brett said he was pretty sure it was the wheel bearings. We thought we’d see to that later as we needed the car for a bit. Joe called the YHA hostel he’d spoken to while we were still in Exmouth to see if the night porter job was still available. It was so the manager asked Joe to pop over around lunch for a chat. We handed our CV’s into a job agency here called Grunt Labour and then went to a mechanics about the wheel bearings. They said it’d cost around $250 with labour costs but we have no choice so booked it in for Wednesday morning. It was now coming up to lunch time so we drove to the hostel. We were quite confident Joe would get it as they needed someone to start that night. Emma waited out in the car whilst Joe went in. A few moments later he came back out and said that he had got it and that he started at 11 that evening. This was good news as the pay is cash in hand and $110 for 6 hours work J. Soon after we got a call from Grunt labour about a couple of jobs and she wanted us to come in between 9 and 10 tomorrow.
We then drove to the local supermarket and picked up some things to eat for dinner. We grabbed some steak, carrots, potatoes and some more banana custard to finish off the chocolate cake we had left. When we got back to the camp site we sat and read our books for a little while before going to cook an early dinner. As we only have one pot we had to slice and barbeque the potatoes they ended up like chips and were quite nice. After diner we went back to the car so that Joe could have a nap before he had to be at work. Emma thought this was a good idea and also had a little sleep. We both set our alarms and had a doze. Emma’s alarm went off at 10pm and Joe said that it was ok because he had set his for 10.30 so we carried on sleeping. At 10 past 11 Emma woke up again and woke Joe up as his phone hadn’t gone off and we had a mad dash to get to the YHA. Joe didn’t realise that he had set his phone for 10.30am! When we got to the hostel Emma parked a little way away and Joe ran the last bit in case he had to make up an excuse about the car breaking down (at least he would have a selection of cover stories if he needed them from past experience) but the guy was fine and just happy that he turned up. Joe soon found out that the term ‘night porter’ means glorified cleaner. His jobs were emptying the bins, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the toilets (girls are far messier than boys!) and sweeping the floor. Plus also making sure people aren’t making noise and causing a nuisance.
Emma picked him up when his shift was finished at 5am (Joe said that he felt like a zombie) and drove back to our site. We both climbed in bed and went to sleep.

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