Chilling at Town Beach

We woke to the sound of the alarm at 8.30 today and quickly got ready to go to the recruitment agency. We got there at 9.30 and the lady there spoke to us about two short term office jobs. One was only for two days and the other was for 3 weeks so we thought Emma should go for the 3 week one. The lady explained that it’s working in an emergency call centre for police, fire and ambulance and that she’d be taking distress calls. Emma said she was up for this and Joe said he was up for the two day job. We filled out a ton of paperwork and then had to sit and watch a health and safety video and do a little test. The answers came on screen and we just paused the DVD to write them down so very easy. The lady said she’d give us a call soon. We then drove to Joe’s work to pick up his pay and make sure that he’d definitely got the job (especially as he’d arrived 30 mins late!). He did so we were both really happy that we had some money coming in. We went back to camp and took a wander down to the beach. When we got there we soon decided that we needed a beach towel so that we could keep our shower towel’s clean. We took a drive to Target and picked up a large towel for $17 on clearance. When we got back Joe said he was going to have a nap and Emma went down to the beach to catch some sun. After reading for a while Joe sneaked up behind her and grabbed her, making her jump, thinking some strange man was there. We were both starving so went into the café nearby for some lunch. Joe had a chicken burger and Emma a smoked salmon salad (which also came with a poached egg and bacon, weird!). We went back down to the sea front and dumped our stuff then went out for a swim. It was very refreshing after sitting out in the hot sun although the water was nowhere near as clear as down south. We sat down the beach for a few hours sunbathing and then went to shower as the sea is extremely salty here (the salt is visible clinging to your hairs). Soon after we set up our gas stove to make some pasta and garlic tomato sauce. We made enough for Joe to take a midnight snack to work as he’d been starving the night before. We then relaxed for a while before Joe having to head off for work.

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