Bentleys bearings

After picking up Joe and coming back to camp to sleep for an hour it was time to drop the car off at the mechanics so the wheel bearings could be replaced. We dropped Bentley off at 8 and then walked back to camp and grabbed the sleeping bag and a towel so that we could go and laze on the beach front. Joe tried to get some sleep whilst Emma read for a bit but he was finding it difficult as it was windy and a bit cold. Eventually the sun came out and Joe fell asleep for a couple of hours. Emma carried on reading whilst watching about 15 ants crawl over Joe’s legs but she didn’t want to wake him as he hadn’t slept at all. At about 1.30 Emma hurried back to the tent to grab her clean clothes for her interview. She noticed that the tent was absolutely full of ants, crawling all over everything but there wasn’t much she could do. She hurried off to tidy herself up and came back to Joe at about 2 panicking because the car wasn’t ready and she needed to be at her interview at 3. Half an hour later the car people phoned and said Bentley was ready, he also mentioned that the front tyre was separating and could blow out at any time. Emma didn’t have time to walk to the garage and get to her interview on time so she went to the front office to call a cab and Joe wandered off to get the car. Emma managed to get to her interview early in the end. The job was working for the Emergency services in one of their offices as holiday cover so it’s only for 3 weeks but it is $20 an hour. Later she worked out that the taxman would be taking 29% so she’d only really take home about $100 a day. Still the money would come in very handy. She was only in there for 10 minutes so started walking back to camp as Joe hadn’t got to the car yet. He managed to pick her up a couple of blocks from camp. After what the guy had said about the tyre (and because the car was still making the funny bumping noise) we went to a tyre place. He looked over out wheels and said ‘that’s illegal…that’s illegal’ about each of them. We decided that they needed to be done as we would’ve got in trouble with the police if they stopped us and also because of the fear of a blow-out. We booked it in for the next day (afternoon this time so Joe could get some sleep) but found it was going to cost us $512..ouch!
Soon afterwards Emma got a call to say she got the job and starts on Monday J Emma did say that she wished we got neutral news rather than good and bad. We popped to the shop to grab some food to cook for dinner. We got some sausages and rolls so we could have hot dogs with onions and we’d just use the barbecue to cook.
After we got back to camp Joe was exhausted so he jumped in the back and managed to get a couple of hours sleep. When he woke we went up to the barbeque and cooked dinner then it was time for Joe to go to work.

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