Bentley’s new shoes

Emma picked Joe up at 5am when he finished and he turned up with a big bag of food with various things in it like onions, ham, milk and potatoes. He said that on Wednesday nights the fridges get cleared out and it was his job to do it. Anything that isn’t marked with the date of departure of the guest gets thrown away. He said that his mum had taught him not to waste food so he put anything that didn’t look off to one side and brought it home (he did check that this was ok before hand). He said that he felt bad throwing away peoples food and used his judgment of bags that weren’t marked, checking the items for due dates and squeezing the bread to check if it was stale. When we got back to camp we both crashed out Joe didn’t wake till around noon so Emma sat reading. When he woke we went over to the tyre yard to get Bentley some new shoes. We dropped the car keys in and went over to the internet café to check our emails while we waited as the guy said it would only take about 45 minutes. Just as our time on the internet was running out the guy called us to say that the car was ready and we could come pick it up. We finished up and went back over, Bentley was sat out front with 4 shiny new tyres. We paid and got the keys we went to the shops to pick up dinner as it was now mid-afternoon. We were both happy as the noise and the steering wheel wobble had stopped. Bentley was running smoothly at last 😀 We picked up some bread to make some sandwiches and stopped off at the bottle-o to get a couple of bottles of wine as this was the first night that Joe didn’t have work in the evening so we could both have a drink. When we got back to camp we set up our table and made some sandwiches, we then cracked open the wine. This was a big mistake as we ended up getting rather drunk and crawled into the back of the car at about 11.30.

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