Worse for wear

Today when we woke up we were both feeling a little worse for wear. Even Joe who doesn’t get hangovers had a thumping headache. We spent most of the morning sitting there groaning and feeling sorry for ourselves. Joe said that he hated the crows over here as they make a stupid noise and are really loud. In the afternoon we went to the shops to see what ant killer they have as we have noticed that we have a few ants in our tent and wanted to see if they had any of the household traps that we could put down. The only stuff we could find was for outdoor use only and said it couldn’t be use where people would be so we had to leave it. Joe had to pop into his work to pick up his pay and have a chat with his boss so we stopped by there on the way back home. He wasn’t in there long as he explained to her that he had a splitting head ache ‘natural or assisted?’ she asked and he had to agree that it was assisted. On the way back we stopped at the front office to book in for another week. The lady told us we could only stay for 2 weeks max so we’re going to have to find another camp next week. After coming back and showering Emma felt much better and a few pills cured Joe’s headache but it was already getting dark so we decided to cook dinner. Tonight we were going to have tuna pasta salad so we just sat at the back of our tent and cooked the pasta on our gas stove. We’d make enough for brunch tomorrow too so at least we wouldn’t need to spend much money on food. After Joe had taken a shower we were both knackered and collapsed into the back for some much needed sleep.

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