Body surfing and meatballs

Today we woke pretty early and had some cereal for breakfast. We then took a drive to the visitors centre to see what other caravan parks were around. We collected 4 brochures and then went to the desk to ask the lady if there was anything free to do in Broome. She said other than the ‘staircase to the moon’ which is only at full moon there is only going to see the dinosaur footprints at Gantheaum point but these can only be seen at very low tide. We thought we’d go and have a swim at Cable beach so went back to camp to change then drove the 15 minutes to cable beach. We had a lot of fun trying to jump the big waves and also body surfing and stayed out in the sea for an hour or so before lazing on the beach for a couple of hours. Emma could feel herself getting burnt and knew that Joe would end up burnt too if we stayed down there much longer. We drove to the shopping centre and got some potato’s, corn and meatballs for dinner. When we got back to camp Emma phoned up each of the caravan sites to see how much a powered sight would cost. They were all much more expensive than where we are here, one of them was $41 a night! Either way it looks as though we are going to have to move although we will ask the front desk how long we have to wait before we can come back. We were feeling pretty hot and sweaty and town beach is only 200 metres away so we put our swimming stuff back on and took a wander down to the sea. The tide was really far out so we had to walk quite a way before we got into the sea. As we were walking in the shallows every now and again a big cloud of sand would appear in front of you and a big fish would suddenly dart away. We kept walking but were still just above ankle height even though we were around about 300 metres out. We decided we wouldn’t got any farther and started to walk back to shore. As we were walking along the sand Joe noticed that in the little pools of water there were loads of tiny fish and sea snails. We went back to camp and showered off the salt from our skin and then started to cook dinner. Joe cooked his corn on the cob and the meatballs on the barbeque and Emma cooked the potatoes on the gas burner hob. When it was done we went back to camp and pored on the gravy and sat down to eat. We had got a toffee butter cake for dessert but when the time came to it Emma said that she didn’t feel like any, Joe unsurprisingly said that he would have some and sat up eating cake while Emma went off to bed.

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