Ant invasion!

Today when we woke we went to make breakfast and the whole tent was crawling with ants 😥 . They seem to have gotten everywhere. They were in all of our food that wasn’t in a tin and we ended up having to throw most of it away. We decided that the only way to get rid of them was to take everything out and boil the kettle then dowse the inside of the tent with hot water. Joe took charge of getting the things out of the tent as Emma wasn’t happy stepping inside the ant ridden tent. Every so often he would shout some obscenity as he was bitten on the legs by one that had got him. When we thought that we had got all of them we moved the tent into the sun and tipped out as much of the water as we could, leaving it to dry. As we were stuck here until it did so we thought that we would put some washing on. So Emma went off to do this while Joe stayed with the car and all our stuff that was now sitting on the ground. By mid-afternoon the tent was pretty much dry so we started to clean the ants off our things. There was lots of them in our cooker and the food box, plus quite a few in our snorkelling gear for some unknown reason. We decided that we needed a stronger form of attack than just soapy water as this didn’t really seem to be doing the trick so Emma jumped in the car and sped off in search of some bug spray. She was back five minutes later armed with a can and we got to work spraying and cleaning our stuff. Once this was all done, all we wanted to do was go swim in the sea and rid ourselves of the feeling of ants on us (even though we didn’t have any on us we could still feel them). But when we looked out to the beach we could see that the sea was out and we would have had the same problem that we had yesterday. So we jumped in the car and went over to cable beach.
When we got to cable beach we found a spot, dumped our things and went straight out into the water. Joe dived headfirst into the waves and Emma said that she didn’t want to get her hair wet as it wouldn’t dry in time for work tomorrow and she didn’t want to go in looking like a mess. After a short time we came out of the water and went back to sit on the beach. We sat around with Joe reading and Emma sunbathing waiting for the sun to set. When it did it only took around 20 minutes from the time the sun hit the horizon to the time it was gone. We decided that we would head back as it was starting to get cold and we needed to find something for dinner. Neither of us felt like cooking so we thought we would try to find an Indian restaurant and went into town. We were unable to find one and the Chinese was to expensive so our only option left was McDonalds. We drove over and got two meals and some milkshakes, when we got back to the car we thought that we may as well eat it there as we had enough light from the street. When we got back Emma said that she wanted to get an early night as she would have to get up early to straighten her hair and get ready so she left Joe playing on the laptop and went to bed.

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