Starting work

Today is Emma’s first day of work so she woke at 6 to shower. Straighten her hair and finally put some make-up on. She woke Joe up and he dropped her to work for 8am. When she got into work Emma was introduced to everyone and was very surprised at how little work she was given to do and was hoping for more. She was asked to read information on her job for pretty much the whole day. She is working for the Fire and Emergency Services authority of WA which deals with lots of smaller organisation like the Bush Fire brigade and search and rescue volunteers for the whole of the Kimberley region (the size of about one and a half times the UK). All in all the jobs pretty boring but it’s going to be bringing in $650 a week so pretty decent pay.
At 4 Joe picked Emma up and we went to the shops to get some food for dinner. Neither of us felt very motivated to cook so we just got some pasta and a cheesy bacon sauce to pour over it. After sitting around chatting for a couple of hours about what a relaxing day Joe had chilling on the beach! Emma felt knackered so climbed into bed whilst Joe sat up and played on the laptop. At around 10.30 Joe woke Emma and she got up to take Joe to work. When Joe was at work he kept hearing rustling sounds in the kitchen where people put all their food on the shelves. He found a trap so he decided to put a little bit of cheese on it to try and catch the bugger. At 5 Emma picked him up and drove back to camp for another hours sleep before she had to get up for work.

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