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Emma got up at 6.15 and got dressed and ready to wander to work. It took around 20 minutes and she was quite surprised how many people said hello to her. She shocked an old aboriginal man by saying good morning, I don’t think anyone had ever said morning to him before and it took him a few moments to register what she’d said and say hello back. She got to work at quarter to eight and began another day of reading boring stuff about email usage …
When Joe picked her up at 4 (after another relaxing day at the beach) we went to the shops to pick up some dinner. As Joe was working tonight we wanted something quick and easy so we grabbed some burgers, cheese and some onions. When we got to the barbeque we started chatting to an Aussie couple who told us about the various fruits that are picked in kununurra. They said to try and steer clear of mangos if we can help it as the resin that the trees secrete stains your clothes and that some people are also allergic to it. We said that we would heed their warning but that if nothing else was going then we would probably still give it a go (just have to wear clothes that we don’t mind getting ruined).
After we had eaten and chilled out for a little bit it was time for Joe to go to work. After he had got there and done all the Jobs that he needed to do first , like closing down the pool table and turning everything off, he went into the kitchen to see if he had caught anything in the traps he set yesterday. The cheese had gone and there was still rustling coming from the bags. It seemed that the rodent was wise to the traps…. Plan two – smear chocolate spread on them so it would have to climb right on. Not wanting to stay in the kitchen with rodents running about Joe sorted the kitchen quickly and left it well alone thankful that we weren’t staying there. At five he was picked up by Emma and we went back to camp to sleep.

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