Yet more work

Today at work Emma finally got all her access through and could actually do something rather than just sitting there. She also got her email address which she was pleased with as it ended in and she was saying that she now worked for the government! When Joe picked Emma up from work we decided that we would go to Target and get another beach towel so that we would both have one for when we go down to the beach. As we already had a blue one we found a pink one that Emma could have, it was only $17 and thought that was reasonable.
For dinner we made Fajitas but we didn’t have any mix so the chicken wasn’t seasoned, they tasted ok but weren’t as good as usual. We also couldn’t find any normal wraps and the ones we got seemed to break apart as soon as you picked them up. Needless to say it was a very messy experience…
When Joe got into work this evening there was a lot of people up in the communal area and he thought that he was going to have a hard time. As it was his tobacco was pinched out of his pocket by one of the people that was visiting and he spent the rest of the night borrowing smokes from people that were around. When he checked in the kitchen the mouse was still there – he now knew it was a mouse as when he walked into the kitchen it was sitting on the shelf looking at him. As Emma had said, he wasn’t the animal exterminator and shouldn’t do anything about it. If they wanted to sort it out they could pay someone to do it. He agreed and left the mouse to its own devices.
At about 2am some guys came back to their room and he could hear lots of loud banging coming from their room and went up to tell them to keep the noise down. They said that they were trying to look for something and looked really drunk. He found it very hard to keep a strait face knowing that they were obviously fibbing and were just play fighting. About twenty minutes later he went back up to them and told them to keep the noise down again or he would have to let the manager know and could see from behind the guy holding the door open that the room looked like it had been trashed. He found it quite funny but still had to write it in the book.
At 5 Emma came to pick Joe up and said that while she was a asleep a bug flew into the car and sounded very big and angry. She did sit up for an hour listening to it but she could never see it so decided to get back in bed. Whilst she was laying there hearing it buzzing around she still couldn’t sleep…until she managed to convince herself that it was a harmless mozzie eating bug!

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