This morning we have to move from our shady powered sight over to an unpowered sight, we’d already driven past the area we were going to be moving to and it looked like some sort of refugee camp so we weren’t too excited about the idea of moving there. We shoved all our stuff into the back and drove to reception to book in for another week in what they call the M.C.G. we didn’t know what this stood for so started making up some thinks such as manky camping ground. When we went to reception they told us to find a spot and come back to them. This we thought was a bit odd but we drove in and had a look. Unlike the other camping area there were no defined pitches and you just had to find a spot in among the tents and cars to pitch. We saw a group of people that were just packing up and waited for them to leave and jumped into their spot. Joe said that it reminded him of the Reading festival with tents piled on top of one another and various people pumping out music from their cars.
Once we were all settled in we decided that we would go down to Cable beach and chill out on the beach and enjoy the waves. We stayed until just after sunset and then drove back to camp. Neither of us could be bothered to cook for dinner so we got some cereal and milk to eat. While we were sitting at the back of the car something jumped out of the tree behind us, we both thought that it was a big rat and jumped up. But when we shone the light onto it and it scampered back up the tree and we soon realised that it was a possum! After we had taken some pictures and watched it running around the tree for a bit we decided to finish off the vodka that we had left. We had washed the bedding earlier in the day and went to check if it was dry yet… it was not and Emma went round to check the drying machines and everyone of them said out of order on it. We had no choice but to sleep on the plastic that covered the mattress for the night.

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