Golden Trevally

Today while Emma was at work Joe was asked if he wanted to go fishing with someone who was camping next to us. The guys name was Spencer and Joe readily agreed. They went to town and bought some hand lines (these are like fishing rods without the rod) the Joe popped into Emma’s work to let her know where he was going but that he would be back to pick her up at 4 hopefully with some dinner. Joe and Spencer drove down to the jetty just out of town down near the port. After about an hour Joe was pulling up a fish. With the help of some aborigines we managed to kill it, they said that it was a golden trevally and that it was a good sized fish. One of them did say that it was poisonous as we were walking off but we could tell that he was joking. On the way back to the car Joe was holding the fish by the tail high in the air and got a lot of looks as he walked past the restaurant at the end of the port, think they were a bit shocked to see a fish dripping with blood still twitching while they were trying to eat lunch. We went back to the camp site and picked up some ice from reception and put the fish in the eski (cool box) with the ice.
When Joe picked Emma up he told her the good news that he had managed to catch dinner for them and that the fish was back at camp. When they got back Spencer and his girlfriend Stacy were sat with two of their friends Greg and Emma. We got the fish out of the eski and the guys went off to gut and scale it while the girls got the rest of the food that we were going to have with it sorted. Joe, Spencer and Greg soon returned after gutting the fish and we started to season it. We put lemon, herbs and some garlic paste inside it and then wrapped it in foil and put it on the barbeque. After 20 minutes it was done and we were soon all tucking into it. It tasted great, quite like chicken and very meaty. It was a big enough fish to feed six people with some passers by trying it as well, Joe lapped up all the praise that was given for catching it and him and Spencer started calling themselves ‘The great white hunters’.
After we had finished the fish we all decided that we would go back out the jetty to see if we could catch some more before Joe had to get to work. Unfortunately we didn’t get any bites but we did see a lot of rays and turtles swimming around. We soon headed back so that Joe could go off to work for the evening and Emma could get some sleep.

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