off to Kununurra

We got up this morning and started to pack our things as we were going to drive to Kununurra, we then got a call from someone that wanted to buy our mattress. We had put up an add to sell it as we thought that we would then be able to put an offer up for lifts to cut our costs on fuel. We said that we would come round to his place so that he could have a look at it and see if he wanted to buy it. We had taken the bedding off and the wrapper was still on it so we told him that it was brand new and the reason that we were selling it was because it wouldn’t fit in the back of the car. About twenty minutes later we were outside his house, a man with very weird eyes came out and asked us to pull the mattress out of the back of the car. It was laid on the floor and the guy with scary eyes laid on it and rolled around. He stood back up and said that he would take it and went back into the house to get the cash. We took the money and jumped back in the car as quick as possible and went to the camping store to grab a foam mattress to sleep on. When we got back to the camp we bundled everything into the boot of the car and put the back seats up. Soon we were saying good-bye to Broome and were back on the road. We were warned that on the road between Broome and Halls Creek that there would be allot of cows and bulls on the road. It wasn’t too long till we met our first herd, we slowed down and gave them a wide berth. The animal whistles that we had put on the front of the car to scare animals away from the car didn’t seem to do anything. By the evening we were just outside of Halls Creek and we found a lay-by about 25km outside of town. We didn’t really want to stay in Halls Creek as we had been warned that it wasn’t that nice a place to stay. When we pulled up in the lay-by we saw another family staying there and took some comfort from this. We quickly set up our table and cooked some beans and sausages, we decided that we would eat these in the car to stop us from getting savaged by mosquitoes. While we were packing up the boot wouldn’t close, we noticed that this was because one of the sides had started to buckle and wasn’t holding the support that holds the boot up. Slamming it quickly seemed to work but left the support sticking out, this was ok for the evening but would need to be looked at tomorrow with more light. While we sat and ate our dinner big road trains continued to rumble past this was probably going to happen for most of the night we decided. As we were settling down for the night (Emma sat in the front passenger seat and Joe squeezed in the back seats with the spare tyre) a Road train pulled in behind our car flooding us with light from his headlights. We watched the road train and waited for the guy to jump back into the cab, as the road train passed our car he turned on a rear light that blasted us so that he could see when the last carriage had past our car. After this road train had gone we settled down to sleep and tried to get comfortable when another rumbled up behind us but this time he just killed the lights and turned off his engine. He was obviously going to spend the night there as well so we got back to trying to get some sleep.

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