Stone throwing Abbo’s

As Emma had been paid today we were able to book into a camp site so we went into town. We stopped in at the information centre where they had a lot of information on the camp sites and the costs of each. We picked one that was in the middle of town and was also the cheapest. When we got there we saw that it was a really nice, probably the best one that we have stayed at so far. We set up our tent in the camping area and put the mattress in the tent this time to save lugging everything out of the car. We then went into town to get some food but on the way in we took a wrong turn and ended up driving down a dead end road leading to an aboriginal community. As we were turning the car around one of the abbo’s actually threw a stone at our car! Very bad wrong turn and we drove out of there pretty quickly. We eventually made it to the shopping centre and picked up some Kangaroo steaks and some vegetables for dinner. After 2 days of driving and sleeping very uncomfortably in the car we just sat around in the sun reading for a while. As the sun was starting to set we went over to use the camp kitchen to barbecue our steaks. Then we sat down to eat at our candlelit table, where we could hardly see our food! The steaks were okay but cooked a bit too rare for Emma, Joe finished hers. We’d picked up a couple of stubbies of cider and after drinking these we settled down for a decent sleep in the tent.

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