Kelly’s Knob

This morning we woke up early and got dressed smart so that we could go to the job agency Grunt labour. When we got there as we were already registered we just had to put our names down, the lady at the desk said that there was not much going at the moment. After this we decided to go and mot a couple of the guys who work at the Fire and Emergency Services in Kununurra who Emma had spoken to on the phone loads of times. We got there and met up with Wayne and Matt for a coffee, they said they’d ask around and let us know if there was any work going. We left there at around 11 and went back to the camp site to get changed so that we could go on a walk around Mirima National Park which is just behind our camp site. It was only an hour or so walk and was quite easy apart from one bit. We decided that instead of following the same path back we’d take another route which led down a couple of metre drop and then through the middle of two massive rocks. Joe was not too happy about climbing down the edge and it took loads of encouragement from Emma for him to do it. We got back to the camp site and then went on a short drive to Kelly’s knob lookout point. From the top you can see Kununurrra and the Ord River dam. Joe was a bit queasy from the height so we didn’t stay up there too long. By the time we got back to camp we were both boiling hot and went to check out the swimming pool. It was absolutely freezing so you had to just jump in quick, Joe decided to be cool and do a dive, splashing everyone at the pool! After laying by the pool for and hour we were both starving so went into town, got some bacon, bread and butter and made bacon sarnies for dinner. After reading for a bit we settled down to sleep early.

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